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Xiaomi Trademarks Xiaomi Mix Alpha, Perhaps for The Mix 4

A Beijing court about a month ago ruled against Xiaomi’s use of the MIX name as it is a trademark infringement fueling speculations that the brand might adopt a different naming for its next-generation Mi Mix smartphone – the Mi Mix 4. Specifically, reports were rife that the company might resort to the Greek naming pattern – the Xiaomi MIX Alpha for the Mi Mix 4. The Mix 4 is billed to go, official, later this month  – September 24, still there is no official confirmation about that.

Now, the official website of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office has revealed that Xiaomi applied for trademarks of the Xiaomi Watch, Xiaomi MIX A, Xiaomi MIX Alpha, and Xiaomi MIX ALPHA monikers.  The Mi Mix 3 only became official back in February, and the next in line should be the Mi Mix 4. But with the current development, it is more or less certain Xiaomi will refrain from using the Mi Mix moniker. Though the brand has yet to confirm the name it will adopt for the next Mi Mix phone. So it is not entirely clear whether or not it will favor the Xiaomi MIX Alpha or something else.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha

There have been a series of leaks regarding the Mi Mix 4. The latest from suggests the device could be the next smartphone to get a 90Hz refresh rate display and 40W fast charging. And to retain the full-screen design from the previous Mi Mix generations, the newest addition to the family will resort to the pop-up camera mechanism for its front shooter.

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