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Xiaomi refutes reports claiming the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 won’t happen this year

The rumors about Xiaomi updating its Mi Mix series with a true successor to the Mi Mix 3 was shut down a while ago by no other per than a Xiaomi executive. Xiaomi China’s brand promotion manager, Edward Bishop had while reacting to a barrage of questions and leaks about the imminent release of the Mi Mix 4 reportedly confirmed that the company doesn’t have any other Mi Mix handsets in the works aside from the Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone. That essentially confirmed that the Mi Mix Alpha is the only Mi Mix phone to be announced this year.

In what might not be a completely surprising move, the company has made a denied ever insinuating there won’t be a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 this year. Interestingly, the refutal is coming from no one else, but the same Edward Bishop who reportedly made the clarification days back.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Perhaps due to growing concern, and the need to state the true state of affairs, the executive earlier today issued a fresh statement to clarify that he never confirmed there won’t be a Mi Mix 4 this year. He also cleverly stated that his statement doesn’t mean a Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is on the way.

Apparently, the company a Mi Mix Smartphone that will end up in the mass market is in the offing, and not only the limited Mi Mix Alpha. Retailer Jd.com already listed the device on its page, and that couldn’t have been a mistake.

Our thinking is that the Chinese firm wants to keep everything completely away from the open, just as it did to the Mi Mix Alpha which hardly surfaced in any leaked renders prior to its grand unveiling. Whatever be the case, we will at least get some info regarding the Mi Mix 4 in the coming weeks.


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