Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: Release Date, Specs And Price


  • Release date: could be September 2019
  • 90Hz refresh rate display
  • Chipset: may have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Camera: could have a periscope sensor, alongside three other cameras on the back.
  • An under-screen camera on the front!
  • Memory: up to 10GB RAM, and 256GB internal storage
  • Battery: Measly 3200 mAh battery, in 2019?
  • 40W fast charging
  • Price: could be around 500 EUR
  • Foldable display? No, Pop-up camera module

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Rumors and leaks pertaining to one of Xiaomi’s next smartphone iteration – the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, have been circulating on the internet recently. As a matter of fact, it is not rumors about information about the phone that matters here, it is the actual features which the Mi Mix 4 might have up its sleeve that we’ll be discussing here.

And yes, if the features of the previous Mi Mix phones, are anything to go by, there might be yet another ‘Oh my God!’ kinda cheerful exclamation, lying in store, waiting for our readers as we tackle these rumors one after the other (or Poco-a-Poco, if you’re so inclined). And so, let’s get them coming.


The Irresistible Force

Design. To be honest with you, we won’t say that the overall design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, or the Mi-Mix line-up, for that matter, had been some sort of a sacred cow, or exceptional, compared to the other phones in the market, except the first Mi Mix. But we’ll like to call them a pioneer for different design trends.

Now, speaking of trends, one of the weirdest things we’ve seen on a phone is an almost edge-to-edge display phone with its front-facing camera at the bottom bezel. That was the Mi Mix 2, and God! Were we astonished? Yes, we were! and that was in 2016 when no smartphone OEM dared to do that kind of thing. Yes, the front camera placement was as weird as it could possibly get, but it opened the door for the fully edge-to-edge display phones that we now have today.

People saw for the first time, that a bezel-less design on smartphones, was not only possible but would be a nice-to-have. Welcome to 2019!

As if that was not even enough, the Mi Mix 3 was among the pioneers of the slider design, as long as Android phones are concerned. And for the sake of the slider, which now housed the selfie cameras, we got the bezel-less display phone that we asked for (of course with a slight chin for placing your fingers). We were astonished yet again.

And so, for the facts presented above, we think the Mi Mix 4’s design language will highlight an edge-to-edge display. In fact, we’ll be mad if it didn’t. And added to that could be other niceties as well in the design department- anything that could make it stand out from the bunch of other smartphones out there, think a foldable display? We’ll talk more on that below. Now, let’s head over to the phone’s highlights.



  • Release date: could be November 2019
  • Chipset: may have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Camera: could have a periscope sensor, alongside three other cameras on the back. And an under-screen camera on the front!
  • Memory: could be up to 10GB RAM, and 256GB internal storage
  • Battery: Measly 3200 mAh battery, in 2019?
  • Price: could be around 500 EUR
  • Foldable display? You’ll find out soon.


Mi Mix 4 Release Date

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 could be announced in October, or earlier, on September. And there is no known proof for this assertion of ours other than previous launch date for the previous Mi Mix phones. Although a fairly reliable source suggest the device could launch on September 24th.

Let’s take a look: the first Mi Mix phone was announced in October, the Mi Mix 2 was announced in September, the Mi Mix 3, in October- 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. Does this suggest something? At least to us, it does.

So we think the Mi Mix 4 would be announced on the same time-frame as its predecessors, around September, or October.

But an announcement is just what it is- an announcement. The release date may come later than September or even October. The release date is the date when the Mi Mix 4 will hit retail outlets worldwide, or at least, starting from a particular country/region, for people to purchase it.

The Mi Mix 4 may be released just on the same month it was announced. But if by any chance, that does not happen at all, then it could be any time before December. Probably November. The previous Mi Mix phones had been pre-dominantly released around that time.


Mi Mix 4 Chipset (call it processor if you like)

No no! We may not have the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset on this phone. It is present in the recently released Asus ROG phone II, but we won’t miss it much if it doesn’t come with this phone since it offers only a very slight improvement over the older Snapdragon 855.

The Snapdragon 855 is still a very capable processor, and that’s what we may see on the Mi Mix 4, according to rumors. Given the chipset’s performance prowess, the Mi Mix 4 will no doubt be one of the snappiest devices out there, for the moment. An SD 855+ powered variant could also launch alongside the standard version.


Mi Mix 4 Camera

We’ve already mentioned in the highlights that the Mi Mix 4 may come with triple rear cameras, and a periscope camera too.

If the report gotten from GF Securities, Hong Kong, by Chinese ITHome tech website is true, that may very well be a fact. The exact specifications of the three cameras haven’t been confirmed, though the recent report suggests it could come with a 108MP camera alongside the. But the periscope camera is for taking detailed optically zoomed shots. If you want to know what this periscope camera can do, you can check out the Huawei P30 Pro.

For around 500 EUR, this could be your best shot at having a reasonably priced flagship device with a periscope camera.

As for the front camera, we won’t be too ambitious if we come to expect a full-fledged under-display camera for the Mi Mix 4. And we can say that with full confidence because we already know that Xiaomi is already tinkering around with an in-display camera tech, and a proper one too. If that does not happen, however, an elevating camera or a punch-hole camera may be the front camera technology Xiaomi might resort to for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 RAM & Internal Storage

The Mi Mix 4 could have different memory options, and that’s just how we want it.

The internal storage could be either 128GB or 256GB, depending on the memory option you choose.

RAM could max out at 12GB, and that’s huge. The internal storage may be non-extendable. You may take that to the bank.


Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Battery

If the rumors are true, the battery could be a bit of a let-down. It is rumored to be 3200 mAh. And for a phone with such features as we’ve presented above, that would be too small in today’s standards. Maybe Xiaomi will implement a Dark mode for the display since the Mi Mix 4 is rumored to be coming with an AMOLED display witha 90GSZ refresh rate. At any rate, for the suggested price, what can we really say?


Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pricing

Xiaomi phones had always come at cheap prices, at least compared to their competitors. As a matter of fact, that may be the reason for their relatively quick strides in the mobile world. And even at that, they don’t lack in features too. The Mi Mix 4 wouldn’t be any different, so we expect the phone to cost around 500 EUR.


The Mi Mix 4 Could Have a Foldable Display

Are you surprised? We are just as shocked as you are on this subject. It seems Xiaomi will take their weirdness, as far as the Mi Mix line-up is concerned, to a whole new level. But this whole foldable display thing is just a rumor for now.

Even though Xiaomi is said to be grinding on a device with a foldable display, and although a video on that was shared by the popular leak-star, Evan Blass (@evleaks)on Twitter, we aren’t just sure it’s the Mi Mix 4. Worst still, he seems to think it’s a fake too.

However, if that ever happens, we’re sure the phone won’t cost as little as we expect.

In fact, the probability of this happening is very low. So sip your coffee and read on, please.


Other Specs For The Mi Mix 4

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is expected to have similar features with the Mi Mix 3, that is, apart from the other features we’ve talked about. This includes a 6.39-inch AMOLED display, a Full HD+ resolution, a 24MP + 2MP dual front cameras, and a rear-fixed fingerprint sensor.

That’s all the rumors we have for now, and we’ll keep updating this page as the rumors unfold. Please do check this page often for updates.

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