How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Instagram lets you own private accounts, which prevents other viewers who don’t follow you to have access to your contents except they decide to follow you and you approve. There are a lot of private accounts on Instagram and most times we don’t want to follow all of them but at the same time want to have a peek at their contents, well in this article I will be providing you with steps on How to view private Instagram accounts.

Why do brands choose to go private on Instagram?

There are a lot of reasons why individuals and brands decide to go private, and while we will not be able to cover all of those reasons in this article, we’ll be providing you with few reasons why some of your favorite brands choose to go private on Instagram.

  • In order to increase their reach (followers) most big Instagram pages (for example couplesnote with over 8.1 million followers) switch to private accounts. The reason for this is simple, if you can always have access to their contents without having to follow them, most people will prefer not to, hence limiting your contents to only those who follow you will greatly increase your fan base and bring in a lot of followers. If you don’t want to go through the stress of having to follow brands like this just to view their contents then learning how to view private Instagram accounts is a knowledge you should possess.
  • The second reason why most individuals and brands on Instagram go private with their accounts is that it is actually a trend nowadays and most big brands have started joining the trend.
  • It brings about a sense of exclusivity to followers since you get first-hand information on the contents posted in those accounts and not everyone can have such privilege except, they choose to follow and are approved by the admins of such accounts.
  • There is also the feature where if a follower of a private account chooses to unfollow the account, Instagram provides a pop-up notification asking the fan if they really want to unfollow, this extra feature is not included in open accounts and in its own way can help retain followers who are indecisive.

The above reasons are a few out of the multitudes of reasons why your favorite Instagram accounts have decided to go private, well not to worry as you don’t have to follow them to still gain access to their contents, this article was tailored just for you in order to teach you how to view private Instagram accounts.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Now, to the order of the day. Like I wrote earlier, I’ll be providing practical steps on how to view private Instagram accounts and all you have to is follow the steps below.

Step 1: in order to view a private Instagram account, the first and easiest method, is simply by sending a Follow request and wait till your request is approved and after that, you’ll be able to have access to contents posted in the account. If you have tried following before and you didn’t get approved, move over to the next step.

Step 2: In learning how to view private Instagram accounts, this step requires you to create a fake Instagram profile and retrying step one. This time guise as a female account holder as most people tend to react positively to the females faster than they would with the males ensure you upload a profile picture and also add a few pictures to the account before making the account private too as the last step, all these are done in order to improve your chances of being accepted by the owner or the handler of the private account you intend to follow (N/B: Do not use the image of a popular female in creating the fake account to achieve better results).

Step 3: This is the final step, if tried using the above steps on how to view private Instagram accounts and it still did not work out for you, don’t give up as there is a final step to embark on guaranteed to give you access into those private accounts without having to follow or create fake accounts, this step involves the use of private Instagram viewer apps. There are a lot of private Instagram apps online and I will be providing you with a few apps capable of performing the task and they are PrivateInsta, Private Instagram Viewer, InstaLooker, InstaRipper, and InstaGramies.


PrivateInsta is a popular app that can be used to view private Instagram profiles/accounts without having to sign in to your account. This app works for Windows, OSX, Android, and even iOS users.

How to view private Instagram accounts using PrivateInsta

  • Download PrivateInsta into your device (a device operating on any of the above listed operating systems).
  • Open the PrivateInsta app.
  • On the app, you’ll find a text box, input the username of the private account you want to view, and click on submit. After submitting wait for a few minutes to allow the app to do its magic and in no time, you’ll gain access to the account and you’ll be able to download contents of your choice using the app.

The other listed apps work pretty much the same way as they all require you to use the username of the private account you want to view. The only difference between PrivateInsta, Private Instagram Viewer, and other apps listed is that they don’t require you to perform surveys before you can gain access to the private account you want to view. With the above steps, you no longer need to worry about how to view private Instagram accounts. The above-listed apps can also be assessed via the web if you don’t want to have the apps downloaded into your device.

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