How to Unsubscribe From Ask.fm

Do you have too many social media accounts and you wish to reduce that number? Well, most people feel the exact way you do. Having numerous social media accounts can be really taxing, especially when you try to keep up with every account. If you have an Ask.fm account, you may feel like deactivating or deleting your account after using it for a while. Hence, in today’s guide, I’ll be teaching you how to unsubscribe from Ask.fm

Most people unsubscribe from Ask.fm because they are tired of the constant questions, or because they don’t know who is talking to them. If you’ve been searching for a way to unsubscribe from Ask.fm then today is your lucky day, because, in this article, we’ll focus solely on how to unsubscribe from Ask.fm.

What is Ask.fm?

Ask.fm is a social media network that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from each other. It was founded by two brothers; Iija and Mark Terebin in 2010. Currently, the ASK.fmwebsite has over 215 million registered users.

After signing up users are free to ask themselves questions or ask other users questions. The questions asked will be displayed on your profile page for others to see.In Ask.fm, you can follow other users, and they can also follow you. It is a free app that requires only registration you can sign up with your email address, VK, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.

How to Unsubscribe from Ask.fm

Before I outline the steps on how to unsubscribe from ask.fm, there are some important things you need to know about cancelling your ask.fm subscription.

  • After subscribing to an ask.fm plan and you do not manually cancel the subscription, then your plan will auto-renew automatically.
  • If you subscribe to the Ask.fm trial period and later cancel it, you might lose your trial content.
  • Do not forget to manually cancel a subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial period.

How to unsubscribe from Ask.fm using iPhone or iPad

  • Launch the fmapp.
  • Navigate to settings and click on it.
  • Once settings is open, tap on your name.
  • Now, tap on “subscriptions”.
  • If you do not see “subscription” then tap on iTunes &Appstore.
  • Now tap on your Apple ID.
  • After tapping on Apple ID, scroll down to “Subscriptions”.
  • Tap on the fm subscription.
  • Now tap on cancel, to unsubscribe.

How to unsubscribe from Ask.fm using Android devices

Note: just deleting the Ask.fm app from your android device won’t cancel your subscription, hence follow these steps diligently.

  • Go to your Google PlayStore app.
  • If you have multiple accounts, make sure you’re signed in to the right one.
  • Click on menu.
  • Scroll to subscriptions.
  • Select fm.
  • Tap on cancel subscription.
  • Follow any additional directions given.

Once you have successfully removed your ask.fm subscription from your play store, all future subscriptions willbe canceledwithout any auto-renew.

How to unsubscribe fromAsk.fmusing Mac computer

  • The first step is to open your mac app store
  • Click on your nameat the end of the sidebar
  • Now, select the “View information” tab at the top corner of the window
  • Next step is to sign in to your account, if you are not already signed in
  • Now, scroll down until you find the “subscriptions” tab
  • Now click on “Manage” on the subscription tab
  • Select fm and click on edit
  • After selecting Ask.fm,click on “cancel subscription

How to unsubscribe from Ask.fm using Paypal

To unsubscribe or cancel your Ask.fm subscription in PayPal, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the PayPal website, and Log in to your PayPal account
  • Now, click on thesettings tab which is just beside the logout option
  • Select “payments” and navigate to the automatic payments dashboard
  • Now, click on “manage automatic payments
  • Your different merchant agreement you’ve transacted with will be displayed, click on fm.
  • After clicking in Ask.fm, a confirmation page will be displayed. Click on “cancel automatic payments”
  • Now, click “Done” to verify the subscription


After successfully following the steps illustrated above, unsubscribing from Ask.fm will no longer be an issue for you. Now regardless of the device, you are currently using, you can easily terminate the auto-renew of the subscription and cancel the subscription.

However, if you subscribed directly from the Ask.fm website without any layer of security like PayPal, then you’ll need to contact the company via the app.

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