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Ultra-affordable Sony Xperia 5 unveiled


Not really a compact phone at 6″

Xperia 5 is a watered-down version of the Xperia 1

Ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio

Exclusive wireless support for Sony’s DualShock 4 controller from the PS4 in titles like Fortnite

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All rumors pointed to a Sony Xperia 2 unveiling at IFA 2019. Well, Sony did present a smartphone earlier today, but not the Xperia 2. Rather, the company decided to skip the 2, 3 and 4 models straight to Xperia 5. The Xperia 5 has been unveiled, perhaps as the sequel to the Xperia 1.

The Xperia 5 is more or less a compact version of the Xperia 1, and unlike most compact phones with compromised designs, and internals, the Xperia 5 manages to keep virtually all the premium features of the Xperia 1 at a much cheaper price. The Xperia 5 features a 6.1” OLED panel with a tall CinemaWide screen,  Eye AF autofocus from its Alpha camera range, HDR-compatible OLED display, and an integrated Dolby Atmos sound.

Sadly the Xperia 5 gets the old Snapdragon 855 while others are opting for the sd 855+. It has the X24 LTE modem, and that means it is not 5G compatible, though we are not sure if a separate 5FG model could launch in due course.

On the flip side, the Xperia5 gets the same triple camera setup as the Xperia 1, but while the 1 gets vertically-aligned cameras on left, the Xperia5 gets a similar setup on the right. Nothing changes here, and that means there is a 12 MP regular + 12 MP ultra-wide-angle + 12 MP telephoto.

Other details include a DualShock for haptic gaming on Fortnite, boots Android 9, and is powered by a 3,140 mAh with 18W charging.

Xperia 5 Pricing

Xperia 5 Pre-order begins from next week, with the actual sale scheduled for October 4th  in the U.K. Official price remain unknown, though there are speculations the device could be extremely cheaper than its larger sibl

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