How to Turn Off Steam’s Popup Ads

Steam is a digital video game distribution platform where gamers and developers connect. The platform was created by Valve Corporation and has been opening up opportunities for developers. Steam is a gaming community where players and game developers can buy and sell video games online. A while back, Steam introduced a standalone client as a way for Valve to provide an automatic update to games. Since the launch of its standalone software client in September 2003 as they expanded to include games from third-party publishers. However, when you launch Steam, it would show a pop-up window with advertisements for updates to games you own and new games. If you don’t want to see this each time you open the app, this is a guide on how to turn off Steam’s pop ads.

How to Turn off Steam’s Ads

The popup advert is a feature that can be controlled from Steam’s Settings menu, which you can access by clicking on “Steam” at the top-left corner of your screen and selecting “Settings.” On a Mac, you can use a hotkey to open up the Steam Preferences menu. Simply press Cmd+, to launch it.



From the Steam Settings or Preferences window, click on the “Interface” tab at the left pane of the window.

Turn Off Steam’s Popup Ads

Uncheck the checkbox beside “Notify Me about Additions or Changes to My Games, New Releases, and Upcoming Releases” box to disable the ads.

After unchecking this box, click on “OK” to confirm your changes. If you miss getting notified of new stuff and updates and want to start seeing these ads pop up again, simply return to this menu and re-enable the setting.

The Steam’s pop-ups were added to make it easier for users to keep an eye out for updates or new releases that might be of interest to them. However, Valve Corporation understands you may not want this so the left options so you can disable this annoying pop-up. You can equally find interesting titles by customizing your Steam search settings.

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