How to Turn On Location Services on iPhone

We shall give quick steps on how to turn on Location Services on iPhone, using a couple of features available on the iPhone

The Privacy Settings and Location Services combine to protect your Apple iPhone from various security threats. Privacy settings in the iPhone give you some degree of control over which apps have access to information on your smartphone.

As an example, you can allow a driving app to use your GPS coordinates in decision making and suggestions of routes, thus aiding smooth navigation of the vehicle. You can also grant access to your contacts so that a social media or messaging app can find any of your friends already using the same app. However, if you are not savvy enough to understand how to turn on Location Services on the iPhone, you may be unable to enjoy the Location Services on offer.

We shall give quick steps on how to turn on Location Services on iPhone, using a couple of features available on the iPhone. Location and GPS capability are important features of many smart devices, as they provide a sort of dynamic tracking of an individual or device. It may be seen as a security measure to further safeguard any user of the smartphone, but in certain situations, it is also desirable to have such service-disabled, to enhance your security and privacy.

How to turn on Location Services on iPhone: How Location Services work

The Privacy option under the Settings menu of the iPhone provides you with a list of all the apps that you have allowed to access certain information, as well as permit or revoke access. The list includes Location Services, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone, Files and Folders, and so on.

There are several apps that won’t work if the location service is not activated. The first time an app requires you to access your location information, you will get a notification asking for you to grant permission.

If you turn on Location Services on your iPhone, then you have granted permission to apps and websites to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi, Global Positioning System (GPS) networks and Bluetooth to determine your correct location. Apps that can show your location on the screen, like Maps give an approximate location using a blue marker or a blue circle if your present location cannot be determined more precisely. When Location Services is active on the iPhone, the status bar shows a black or white arrow.

How to turn on Location Services on iPhone: Steps to turn on Location Services

You can turn on Location Services on iPhone either during the Setup Assistant process or through the Locations Services setting. Using the Location Services setting, the following steps will help you to turn on Location Services on iPhone.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and click “Privacy” and then “Location Services”.
  • Turn on the Locations Services button, if it is off.

The steps above will turn on Location Services on iPhone completely.

If you would like to reset all your location settings to the factory default, then

  • Go to Settings and click General from the menu.
  • Click on “Reset”, and then pick “Reset Location and Privacy”.

When this process is completed, your location and privacy settings will be reset, and apps will stop making use of your location until you grant permission again.

You can as well share your location with a few contacts(IOS 13), perhaps your friends and family. This becomes handy when you are on a lone-adventure. Just maybe you are in an uber or going places where no one is ware, then you can single out your contacts to share your location with them.

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go into “Privacy,” and make sure “Location Services” is switched on
  • In the main “Settings” menu, tap on your name at the top
  • Select “Find My”
  • Toggle “Share My Location” so that it’s on
  • Then go to the Find My app. If this is your first time using the app, it will ask you whether you want it to access your location. Choose either to “Allow While Using App,” “Allow Once,” or “Don’t Allow.”
  • Select “People” (you may need to pull the tab up in order to view the window properly)
  • Click the button that says either “Share My Location” or “Start Sharing Location”
  • In the “To:” field, type in either the phone number or name of your friend or family member
  • Tap “Send,” then select either “Share for One Hour,” “Share Until End of Day,” or “Share Indefinitely”

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