Best 5 Tiktok Video Downloader

In this article, we shall be taking you on a voyage of discovery to identify the best 5 Tiktok video downloader that you can use to download any Tiktok video content of your choice

Tiktok is a Chinese-owned video-sharing social networking platform that allows a user to post a wide array of short videos for viewing by other users. It is owned by ByteDance and a Chinese equivalent called Douyin. It was released in 2016 and has had a meteoric rise since its inception, with over two billion downloads of the app on iOS and Android as of September 2020. In addition, Tiktok was listed by some industry watchers as the third fastest-growing brand in 2020.

Short videos of length ranging from 3 seconds to one minute are the lifeblood that sustains Tiktok and users may want to download video content on Tiktok that they feel compelled and entertaining to warrant viewing again. That is where a  Tiktok video downloader comes into the picture. Tiktok video downloader helps the user to seamlessly download any Tiktok video for further viewing anytime and outside the Tiktok platform.

While some video-sharing apps provide a direct download option for videos, this feature is lacking in Tiktok, hence users must have a Tiktok video downloader to be able to download those entertaining videos.

In this article, we shall be taking you on a voyage of discovery to identify the best 5 Tiktok video downloaders that you can use to download any Tiktok video content of your choice. It can indeed be a hectic experience downloading Tiktok videos using some apps which are not in sync with Tiktok.

There are lots of Tiktok video downloaders available on iOS, Android and via the web version of Tiktok, and many of them can get the job done by easily downloading your favourite Tiktok video. One of the things that identify whether a Tiktok video downloader is good is if it does not include a watermark on the downloaded video. Let us now navigate the maze to give you the best 5 Tiktok video downloaders.

SnapTik Tiktok video downloader

The SnapTik app is a very popular Tiktok video downloader which is quite versatile when being used to download Tiktok videos. It is even mooted as the best TikTok video downloader which does not produce a watermark on the downloaded video.

This is an absolutely free app that does not hassle the user with many adverts and links outside Tiktok, as well as downloading an intermediate app in order to commence your Tiktok video download. It works in a simple manner by the user inputting the Tiktok video link on the search box of the app and hitting the enter button to kickstart the quick process of downloading your Tiktok video. Of course, the video comes without a watermark.

ExpertsPHP Tiktok video downlaoder

ExpertsPHP is another versatile Tiktok video downloader that works as a browser extension and is compatible with most of the popular web browsers, as well as several other social networking platforms aside from Tiktok. You can use ExpertsPHP to download different content apart from videos from the Tiktok platform. It is absolutely free and saves you the stress and time of downloading or opening an intermediate app, as all you have to do is to paste the Tiktok video link and proceed with the seamless download of a watermark-free Tiktok video.

Downloaderi Tiktok video downloader

Another impressive app for downloading Tiktok videos is the Downloaderi Tiktok video downloader. It gives you a watermark-free, high-quality video download in a direct and straightforward manner. All you need to do is download the app and access the Tiktok video that you intend to download via the web and paste the link. Downloaderi will do the rest and you will have a quality video without watermarks.

It also does not bore you with links, adverts, and payment or subscription requests, as it is completely free.

SssTiktok video downloader

The SSSTiktok app is also another versatile Tiktok video downloader. It can be used across all systems, be it Android, web, or iOS, and will help you to download any Tiktok video in high-definition format, of course, it is also watermark-free.

However, there is an intermediate step involved in the downloading of Tiktok videos when using the SssTiktok app on an iOS device, as you have to first download the Readle app from the Apple store, which will then be used for the completion of the download process. That is the only drawback of using this app on an Apple device. The operation is seamless using an Android smartphone or via the web.

 TT Downloader

This is another easy Tiktok video downloader. It does not produce a watermark on the downloaded video. All that is needed is to paste the link of the video you intend to download and it goes smoothly until your task is accomplished.

TTdownloader is absolutely free and there are no intermediate steps in the download process. In addition, you are assured that annoying links and adverts would not pop up to spoil your experience.

In this article, we have presented five of the very popular Tiktok video downloaders. We hope that this will help you to now overcome the challenge of being unable to download your favorite Tiktok videos.

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