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How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on iPhone

I guess you didn’t know there was a shortcut to disable biometrics on your iPhone. This feature comes in handy when you need to quickly disable biometric authentication on your iPhone. Rather than going to your device Settings, a quick shortcut temporarily disables Face or Touch ID on your iPhone. This article would guide you on how to temporarily disable Face ID on iPhone, just in case you need it.

Face ID is a facial recognition system designed and developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone and iPad Pro devices. The technology of the face ID Scanner is packed in an area on top of the phone, called the True Depth Camera system. The scanner scans the shape of your face using a beam of 30,000 infrared light dots that are invisible to the human eye. The Face ID provides an intuitive and secure authentication using the data gotten by the scanner. Face ID securely unlocks your iPhone with just a glance and delivers its best result when the phone is held 10 to 20 inches from your face. Before I bore you out, let’s look at how to temporarily disable Face ID on iPhone.

How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on iPhone

The steps required to disable Face ID temporarily on your iPhone are very few and can even be performed with your device in your pocket. Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Side (the Sleep/Wake button on older iPhones) buttons on your iPhone for a second or two.
  • You should either see the “Slide to Power Off” menu or feel a vibration. Whichever sign you get indicates the biometric authentication has been disabled.

If you’re in a position where you think your face ID could be used against your will to unlock your iPhone, this quick shortcut will disable biometric authentications. However, passwords would be required to unlock your device.

Note: You won’t have to turn off your iPhone to reactivate it. Simply press the Side/Power button again to lock it. Now, your iPhone won’t unlock without your passcode.

Remember, you can permanently disable Face ID on your iPhone simply go to your device settings and get it done and remember to use a strong password.

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