How to Stop Steam From Launching on Start-Up

Looking for tips on how to stop steam from launching on start-up? this guide was written for you. With the popularity of the steam platform around the gaming sphere, it’s no doubt that almost every gamer has its client’s software on their PCs or Mac. However, for records purposes, Steam is a digital video gaming distribution platform owned by the valve corporation. The steam platform is undeniably the biggest in the gaming sphere. Connecting developers with game testers and gamers. However, even if you earn a living from gaming, it’s not every time you boot your PC you are going for the games. Gaming PCs are built for strength and stability but sometimes, these nicely fast PCs could begin to lag due to some hidden system processes.

Some of these processes are automatically started up while your system is booting up while others are started up when required by other programs. After installing it on your pc, a start-up launch is registered in your system registry. Making steam start-up in the background and stay in the system tray after every boot. Startup items generally increase boot time and make devices lag some times. So I’m guessing you’ve got steam recently installed, this is how to stop steam from launching on startup.

How to stop Steam from opening on startup

There are several ways of stopping Steam from launching at startup and we would be covering the easiest.

From Inside the Steam’s software

The first, most recommended and the easiest way of stopping steam from launching at startup is from within the steam’s settings.


Open your Steam app.

Click on the Steam at the top left-hand corner of your screen to reveal the steam menu.

Click on Settings.

Within the settings window, click on the Interface tab.

Uncheck the box beside Run Steam when my computer starts.

Click on Save and steam would no longer start up at system launch.

How to Disable Steam’s auto-start up from the Task Manager on Windows

If you wish to disable Steam”s startup without opening the software, you could do this easily from the startup tab of your Windows Task Manager.

To open the task manager on your PC, hold down Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager.

o Or move your cursor to any position on your bar, ensure it’s not above any icon. Right-click and select “Start Task Manager”. Your task manager window should open up.

Go to the Startup tab. It is the tab in the middle, the fourth tab from either direction.

Locate and right-click above the Steam Client Bootstrapper.

Select the Disable option. Steam should be disabled from starting up at system boot.

Please note that the Start-Up items tab isn’t available on Windows OS below windows 8.0.

How to Disable Steam’s auto-start up On a Mac

If you’re running a Mac OS, this should help you disable steam without opening your Steam client software.

  • Click the Apple logo icon at the top-left side of your screen.
  • Select the “System Preferences…” option.
  • Click on “Users and Groups.”
  • Click the lock icon at the bottom-left of the menu and enter your password to make changes, and then select the “Login Items” at the top of the menu.
  • Click on Steam in this menu to highlight it.
  • Select the “-” symbol at the bottom of the menu to remove it from the startup list.

Also, if the application icon is in the dock at the bottom of your screen, you could easily disable its start up option below.

  • Right-click on the steam’s icon.
  • From the right-click menu, hover your mouse over “Options.”
  • If “Open at Login” has the checkmark next to it ticked, click it to toggle that off.

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