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Samsung patent application reveals a phone with a notch, full screen fingerprint scanner

Initial work may probably have started on Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone, and its related tech. We reported a few hours back that Samsung might be joining the league of phone makers adopting the in-display fingerprint scanner soon, as it recently filed for a patent suggesting so.

While the phone in the initial application envisages a design similar to the current crop of smartphones with the in-display scanner, a fresh application filed on the same date reveals that Samsung is already exploring a better option in the form of an advanced full-screen in-display fingerprint scanner that makes use of a separate, low-energy processor. The new tech is said to be more accurate, easier to use, faster, and more versatile making it a suitable one for Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

Although Samsung might have shied away from the trendy irregular display cut-out, the patent application suggests the Korean giant might finally join the club soon, as the patent details a design with the traditional smartphone featuring thicker bezels that resembles Samsung’s devices from years ago, as well as another with a water-drop design similar to the Mate 20 and the Essential device.

Phones with display cutouts, otherwise known as display notches have been around since 2017, and while it was made very famous by the iPhone X from last year, other brands – big and upcoming ones from China have since released tons of devices with the cut. However, Samsung arguably could be the only brand that has successfully resisted using the feature in any of its devices, at least to avoid been labelled copycat. Whether or not the brand is finally bowing to pressure remains to be seen.

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