How To retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Your Phone

Text messaging isn’t just a function in our mobile phones today. It has become a part of our day-to-day activities. From texting colleagues to texting lovers and receiving texts from banks and other corporate institutions. You can agree with me that at some point while trying to delete an irrelevant text message, a valuable text takes its leave. Remembering our mobile phones don’t have a recycle bin can also be frustrating, leaving us the belief that such a text is gone for good. However, in this post, I’ll be guiding you on how to retrieve deleted text messages on both android and iOS. So whether you deleted your text message on purpose or by mistake it can still be retrieved. For different mobile platforms, the mode of retrieving lost text messages differs so I’ll be sharing on how to retrieve lost text messages on Android and iPhones (iOS) beginning with the android devices.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

If you’ve accidentally deleted a text on your android device, there are three main ways of recovering this deleted text message. I’ll be covering guides on how to undertake the process step by step. So if you’re at that point where you’ve deleted an important text, let’s roll.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Google Backup

If you’re trying to recover a text you’ve mistakenly deleted from your android device, the first option to look at might be from your Google drive. So what if you try restoring your SMS from your Google backup. If you have a Google account logged into your Android device it is likely your Android device is set to backup automatically at certain intervals usually 12 to 24-hours. So if you find yourself at this point the first step to do is restoring your backup hopefully the deleted text might already be backed up. To do this simply follow the steps below.

  • To do this, you would have to format your android device.
  • Go to your device settings, by clicking the gear icon from your notification window.
  • Scroll down to the “System” option and tap it.
  • Select “Reset options”.
  • Select “Factory data reset”.
  • You would see a list of apps and accounts that would be removed from the phone in the process. Scroll down and tap “Reset phone”.
  • The reset process should then begin.
  • After the reset, your phone would reboot automatically.
  • Select your language, connect to a network.
  • Log in your Google account and tap on restore backup.
  • Your backup would be downloaded and installed.

Note: Every data added to your device after that backup was carried out would be lost so try to save your files elsewhere. However, it is also nice to note that recovery has to be done before the system refreshes its backup data.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages using an SMS recovery app

There are several programs on the internet that allows you to recover deleted files not just SMS alone. However, I’ll be introducing you to MobiKin Doctor.

  • First of all download the MobiKin Doctor Android software for your windows or mac.
  • After installing the software on your PC or Mac, using a USB device connect your phone to your computer.
  • After a few seconds, you should see some of your text messages on the MobiKin main screen. The screen with your text messages would appear as soon as it detects your device.
  • After detecting your device it should display your device model system version and other information.
  • You’ll be given an option to choose what kind of data you choose to retrieve. This includes photos, messages, call logs, videos, audio, and other documents.
  • Simply select messages and click next. Your messages will be retrieved in moments. You can also choose to display only deleted messages.
  • This filter helps if you have a lot of messages. You can then select which message you prefer to restore or ticking the checkbox to select all text, select recover, and all data would be retrieved.

Note: the text would be saved on your PC, not on your mobile device.

How to retrieve deleted SMS on IOS

Running on the iOS, well you’ve got super nice services to help you retrieve that sweet text you got from boo. Smiles, stop blushing, just pick one of the following options below to get started.

Recovering deleted texts from your iCloud backup

Got an iCloud backup of your iPhone? you may be able to recover them if there is a backup of the text you need in it.

  • Open your iOS Settings from your apps list.
  • Select your name beside your picture at the top.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Check if there’s an old backup that has the message you need to restore from the backup. You can tap the backup to see when it was saved.
  • If you find a backup, you should note that you’ll need to completely restore your iPhone to factory setting before setting up your iPhone using the older backup. Also remember that you’ll lose any data recent you’ve added so endeavour save copies of your photos and videos, and any other messages you don’t want to lose.
  • To restore the iPhone to factory settings,
    • Go to General > Reset > Erase. The process should take a few minutes.
  • After the reset, you’ll see the option to recover your device from an old backup.
  • Make sure you select the proper backup and after the restore process, your messages would be back.

If you don’t have an old backup or you don’t want to overwrite the data added to your phone after that backup, try the next option.


Retrieve deleted text messages from a backup without overwriting your iPhone

Unfortunately, iCloud doesn’t support the backup of SMS in all territories as well as all phone operators. So this may not work. From step 2, you’ll be able to tell if this method of recovering lost messages would work for you.

  • Login to iCloud.com with your Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Text Messages. If you can’t find the messages option, your messages haven’t been backed up here. You can skip this method then. But if you find it, follow the steps below.
  • Check the list of text messages to see if the one you need is available.
  • Open your iPhone device and choose Settings.
  • Tap on your name
  • Select iCloud.
  • Tap to Turn off Text Messages if it’s not already turned off.
  • A pop up should appear, select the option to Keep on My iPhone.
  • Now turn text messages back on.
  • Tap Merge, then wait a moment.
  • Your deleted text messages should return to your device.

If this option isn’t available to your region or provider, try the next step.

Retrieve deleted texts from an iTunes (or Finder) backup

This method can only work if you’ve backed up your phone to iTunes on your Mac or PC (or to Finder if you’re running the macOS Catalina). So if you’ve made this backup, you may be able to recover your text messages from there. Please note that this method will also overwrite the data on your phone so you might want to save your data elsewhere.

  • Connect your device to the PC or Mac you used to sync with.
  • Your iTunes should open automatically. If it doesn’t, locate it on your PC and open it up manually. If you’re using macOS Catalina, Open Finder.
  • You should see the iPhone icon displayed at the top left-hand corner.
  • Click on it. (In Catalina, select your device from the left-hand menu bar.)
  • Now tap on ‘Restore backup’. (In Catalina, you’ll see this option under the General tab.)
  • All the data you previously backed up will now replace the data on your phone.
  • This process will take a few minutes. As long as you haven’t backed up after deleting those text messages, they should appear in the normal messaging list on your phone.

Retrieve deleted texts using a third-party app

After trying all the above steps and there’s been nothing positive, it is likely you shoot through third-party developers. If you choose to try a third-party app, its good to keep in mind that it may cost you a bit, and there is no guarantee it would work. However, if you are still willing to forge ahead with this, these are a few third-party apps with a good online reputation. We hope might help you.

Note: The software above require a PC to run them.

It would be nice to note that after you ‘delete’ messages, they remain on your device until they are overwritten by another data. These utilities amongst others help to recover deleted messages from those memory blocks. It is ideal to use one of these apps as soon as the text gets deleted. The longer a text stays deleted, the more likely it is that you’ll have another app writing on that section of memory.

More on Retrieving Deleted Text Messages

If you’ve lost a text that is very important and all the steps available above hasn’t worked, it’s likely the following options are your fall back plan. They are your best shot.

Asking For the text from the sender or receiver

Smiles, this sounds ridiculous, right? Well, let’s think about it again. Every text message has a sender and a receiver. Good news is deleting the text on the senders’ device doesn’t erase the text from the receivers device and vice versa. So why go through the stress of downloading an app or connecting to service when someone could easily make a replacement? However, if they don’t have the text anymore or they’re unreachable, dive knee-deep into the next option.


Retrieve deleted texts by contacting your phone provider

So you’ve come this far with no luck finding an old copy of the texts in your backups. The next thing available is reaching out to your network provider. Most network providers although not all keep a log of your calls and text messages. The good news is you’re entitled to access them. Although some are as easy as logging into your account online, others are a bit stressful. For some, it requires you to contact customer services, pay a fortune, and some necessary documents. In the end, your request may be declined however, there’s no harm in trying right?

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