How to Redeem a Download Code on Nintendo Switch eShop


In this article, I will show you how to redeem a download code on the Nintendo Switch eShop. I will also show you how to redeem the free 3-month membership offer available to Nintendo users. Your 3-month card comes with a secret code that you have to scratch to reveal the code. Scratch the code, and you can use it to redeem your membership.

For the game as well, you would have to scratch the code to reveal the code. The code on the game usually contains the control code and game code.  You need to enter the game code to claim the free game. Be conscious not to enter the control code instead of the game code.

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How to Redeem a Download Code on Nintendo Switch eShop


Step One

  • Scroll to Nintendo eShop
  • Click on it and wait for it to load

Step Two

  • Select your user and wait for it to load up.
  • Once in the eShop, Scroll down and click on Enter Code.
  • enter the 16 character code for your game and select OK. A page would load up on your screen where you can redeem and download the game using the code on Nintendo Switch eShop

Step Three

  • Click on redeem
  • It would load a page where you can view the game you intend to download. The download time would depend on your internet speed.


It is important to note that you will find two numbers on the scratch card for the game you want to download. You will find the control number and a download code. Make sure you enter the download code and not the control number.


How to Redeem the 3-month membership offer on Nintendo Switch

The method here is similar to the method you applied when redeeming a download code for games on Nintendo Switch eShop.

Step One

  • Scroll down to your Nintendo eShop and press A on it
  • Select the account you want to use to redeem your membership. Give it time to load. You must have scratched the back of your free membership card to get the code that you need.
  • You may get an error code: 2811-6200 during your load time or any internet connection-related error. Update as required or solve the error code to continue with your installation.
  • If you need to update, go to system settings and scroll to the system, and click on system update on the menu. Then click on update to update your Nintendo Switch as required. Once you have your Switch updated, navigate back to your shop and follow the instructions above.

Step Two

  • Once you are in, enter your password as required. Once you enter your password, it will load into your account.
  • Scroll down to the last option “Enter Code”.
  • On the page that loads, enter the code you scratched from your card. Hit the OK. It would require you to enter your location. And further information. Click on save and click on register.

Step Three

  • A page would load up requiring you to enter your payment information.
  • Select the payment information that’s suitable for you and enter the details as required. The purpose of the payment details is to provide a way to bill you if you decide to continue with the membership.
  • Click on PayPal if you want to use PayPal and click on send an email.
  • An email will be sent to you.

Step Four

  • Open your email account and follow the link sent to you. The link would take you to the page where you would enter your payment details. Follow the instructions on the page. Provide all the information required until you receive a notification that says account linked. Once you are done linking your account to your Nintendo Switch, you can return to your Nintendo switch to continue the process.
  • Select Your payment (PayPal) and click on enter or enter your password if requested. A page would load up on your screen asking you to redeem.

Step Five

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on redeem
  • Once you are done, A fresh page will load that gives you access to free offers and downloads.



Now you know how to get some free benefit out of your Nintendo switch and how to redeem a download code on Nintendo Switch eShop. You may stumble on a few errors when you try to redeem some games from your Nintendo switch.

You can check out how to resolve these errors and fix those errors to proceed with your download. Nintendo offers several interesting games for free downloads. And if you redeem your membership, you will have access to hundreds of free games. However, if you want to cancel your free membership, you can do so anytime. But ensure you do so within the time limit provided. It would help you prevent being charged against your will.

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