How to recover deleted photos on iPhone

Oops, I guess you just lost a very important photo from your gallery. Anyways, this is a guide on how to recover deleted photos on an iPhone. Memories are irreplaceable as every moment would forever be distinct from the next. One of the quickest reminders of any memory is a photo of that moment. Imagine losing a very important photo over a very casual event. Such events when you’re trying to do one thing and do the wrong one is something that happens almost every day. Let’s say you’re trying to delete some unnecessary photos or memes and mistakenly mark an important photo.

Anyone at this point would feel the pinch of having deleted a nice photo. So many iPhone users today make use of the device because of its amazing camera capabilities. So what happens when you delete one of your favorite photos? Well, there are a couple of ways on how to recover deleted photos on iPhone. Hopefully one of the following tips on how to recover deleted photos on iPhone should help you recover these photos.

Recover deleted photos from the Recently Deleted folder 

Did you know that your photos app has a “recently deleted” photos folder? Yes, just like the recycle bin on your desktop, it retains all your deleted photos. However, these photos are only kept for 30 days on your mobile device. After 30days, of deletion, the photo is deleted permanently. However, you can easily recover these deleted photos using the steps below;

recover deleted photos

  • Open your app list and tap on your Photos app.
  • Among the list of your photo Albums, scroll to the bottom and tap on “Recently Deleted.”
  • Tap on “Select” at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Mark every photo you wish to undelete.
  • After selecting them, tap on “Recover All” at the lower right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Your photos would be recovered.

Note: If you only need to recover a single photo, you can also tap that photo and tap “Recover”. However, this method would only work if these photos were deleted using the photos app.

Recover deleted photos from an iCloud backup 

If you didn’t delete the photo using your photos app or it is been more than 30 days and the photos gone from the Recently Deleted folder, all hopes are not lost as you may be able to recover your photos by restoring your phone to a previous backup when those photos still existed.

If you use iCloud for your backups, follow these steps. else, skip down to the next section.

Before you get started, its necessary to back up your phone so that if anything goes wrong, or your device begins to feel outdated and you don’t like the content of the older backup you can return to your current configuration. Follow the instructions below to make a backup.

Back up your iPhone online using iCloud

To back up your iPhone to the cloud, ensure you’re logged in to your iCloud account.

  • Go to your device “Settings”
  • Tap on your name at the top of the page.
  • Then select iCloud, and scroll down to iCloud Backup
  • Tap on “Back up Now”.
  • The backup should begin.

This might take a while, depending on the size of files on your device and your connection speed.

To backup offline using iTunes on PC or Mac

If you’re not connected to the internet, you could back up to your PC or Mac. Ensure you have the latest iTunes application installed. You can download it from here.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a cord.
  • Click the small icon looking like a device in iTunes.
  • You would find an option to set up automatic backups or simply back up instantly.
  • Click on the “back up” button and the backup should commence and complete as soon as possible.

This is also where you can restore your back up to your device.

After completing the backup using any of the methods above, you’ll need to run a factory reset. After the factory reset, you can then restore the phone to a backup that’s old enough to include the photos you want to retrieve. To reset your iPhone, follow the steps below;

Ø Open your settings app.

Ø Tap on “General”.

Ø Tap on the “Reset” option

Ø Tap on “Erase”. The process should take a few minutes and your device would be taken to factory default.

After the reset, your device would boot up and you’ll see the option to recover your device from an old backup. Make sure you select the proper backup and after the restore process, your photos would be restored to that backup.

Once the restore is complete, check your Photos app to see if you’ve recovered the photos you lost. If not, you can repeat the process and restore an older backup, or return to the most recent backup.

Also, If the older backup has the photos you want to restore and you don’t like the older version of your device, you can try emailing the photos to yourself or uploading them onto an external cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and then restoring your phone to the version you backed up last.

One disadvantage of this approach is that you would be replacing all the other content on your phone including apps, data, text messages, and so on with an older backup. If the backup you want to restore is fairly recent though, it might not be so obsolete.


Recover Deleted Photos from an iTunes backup 

If you’ve been making backups using iTunes, then restoring from a backup should help you get back the deleted photos. Here’s how to get it done;

Ensure you have the latest iTunes application installed. You can download it from here.

  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer using a cord.
  • Click on the iPhone icon when it appears at the upper left corner of the iTunes window.
  • Click on the “Summary tab” on the left pane.
  • In the Backups section, click on “Restore Backup.”
  • Choose the backup you want to restore to your phone.
  • Your backup should begin.

once the restore is complete, check the Photos app to see if you recovered the deleted photos. If not, you can repeat the process and restore an older backup, or return to the most recent backup.

Check your cloud storage service 

Finally, if you’re making use of a cloud drive service like Dropbox or OneDrive, you might just be lucky. These services allow you to automatically create a separate backup of all your photos, independent of iCloud and iTunes. The backups are then synchronized with a folder on your computer.

So If you’ve got a cloud backup of your photos on Dropbox or OneDrive, you can easily restore them to your phone.

  • Simply locate and open the folder on your PC where these photos are backed up from your iPhone.
  • After that, open your iCloud Photos collection in a web browser.
  • Drag the photos you wish to restore from the folder to the browser. They would automatically be uploaded to iCloud, and finally synchronized with your iPhone.

If you’re not yet making use of one of these cloud drive services, you should consider using it. You can install the Dropbox or OneDrive app for your iPhone from the app store. After the installation, configure them and the apps would always back up your photos. These photos are automatically backed up to the cloud and synced with your desktop computer. The entire process is done in the background, with no effort required from you.


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