Opay App: How to Download, Install and Register Account

Opay App – What is it all about? First of all, Opay is a viable, resilient and versatile platform created to enable customers to transfer and receive cash, digital overdraft, get interest on deposits and logistics demand. Opay was founded on the 1st of January, 2018.

Opay App

OPay was not established by an individual, rather it was originated and created by a formerly existing organization known as ‘Opera’.

There is what we call, ‘Drama’, which is a well-known program of Norwegian starting point. It was driven or propelled after Opera acquired Paycom, in August 2018.

OPay is an installment platform that is concentrated specifically on Africa. If you happen to be remarkably paying attention, you will come to clearly notice that they have been dishing out administrations broadly in Lagos without relenting.

In view of this, Opera organization had to create an installment wallet. Who knows? It might be the place where their name is coined from? OPay simply signifies Opera Payment.

As we earlier mentioned, OPay was founded on the 1st of January 2018, and has from that point onwards speedily developed to turn out to be extremely well known mobile App. Its installment administration is likewise now very familiar in most significant urban communities in Nigeria.

The number one criteria that will enable you to start enjoying the Opay mobile App is to download, install and register your account on Nigeria best Fintech mobile App called Opay. With more than one million download on Google Play Store, people should start using this Fintech App.

Opay App is arguably the best Fintech App on the African Continent, yet, it will leave you utterly astonished as to how a large number of African populates, particularly, Nigerians, fail to take advantage of this wonderful mobile banking App. While most of them also do not know how to use it.

However, if you are one of those that are ignorant of the workings of the Opay App, we got you covered, because, in this article, we will be enlightening you on how to download Opay App from Google Play Store, install it on your mobile phone and as well as how to Sign Up to commence full usage of the App. Below are the details of its services and others;

Opay App Services

The Opay App engages customers and enables them to gain more with their cash by giving shrewd money related administrations.

Opay App

The App can be seen also as a one-stop portable based platform used to install, transport, nourish and convey primary food items, as well as other notable administrations on a regular basis and existence.

A lot of customers rely heavily and consistently on OPay App in order to transfer and receive funds, take care of orders, and request nourishment and food supplies. In fact the significance of Opay App services cannot be overemphasized.

Opay & Its Future Goals/Objectives

OPay, as we earlier discussed is an establishment in 2018 by Nigerian fintech group known as Opera. However, it never planned to end there, it has set out a predetermined objective or plans, which is to expand its payment service operations to the North of Africa, starting from early next year, which it would have achieved beforehand if not for the Covid-19 restrictions that led to a spike in transactions on its platform.

The volume of monthly settlements on the OPay platform grew almost fourfold from $363 million in January to $1.4 billion in November. What a whopping sum!

Nevertheless, as more and more customers sought alternative payment services amidst the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, the company’s managing director, Iniabasi Akpan, in an interview from Lagos, said and I quote “We plan to reach transactions value of about $2 billion by the end of this year…”

Akpan who is also the country head continued by saying that, “The Company will leverage its network of 300,000 offline agents to deepen the adoption of its payment services in the next six months.”

These and more are to tell you that the Opay have come, not just to stay, but is hell bent on improving and expanding its services around the world and for the better services of its customers. If you want to download, install and sign up using the Opay app, check out the steps below;

How to Download, Install and Sign Up on Opay App

Step 1: Simply Go to Google Play Store and type Opay App on the search bar and tap ENTER.

Step 2: After the App has surfaced, you will see a DOWNLOAD option, tap on it, to start downloading the App.

Step 3: After the Download, you can tap on the OPEN option to open the downloaded app, and launch the Opay App.

Step 4: The next step after signing launching the App is to ‘Sign Up’. Then, put your phone number after +234. For instance, +2348067586994

Step 5: Tap on Get OTP. It will quickly be sent to you.

Step 6: Insert the 6 digits OTP where it is required. Then, tap on ‘Confirm’, and there you go.

To also gain access to their online site and download the Opay App directly, you can simply visit their website at www.opayweb.com.

That is the step that you need to get the Opay App and as well as enjoy their amazing services. Simple and brief, isn’t it? Of course, that’s all you need. It doesn’t require any finance. Its downloading process is free barring little data that you need to gain access to the internet and for download.

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