Lenovo could be launching in-house 5G chipset soon

After years of development, the next-generation mobile connectivity – 5G is finally here, although not yet available to everyone, the rollout is increasingly spreading. And with that comes a whole new range of products dependent on the mobile network. Of course, we are witnessing a gradual surge in the number of smartphones that can click into the network, while there chipmakers churning out chipsets for both affordable and mid-range smartphones.

While Lenovo already boasts of one or two smartphones with 5G connectivity, it appears the brand is closing the year with one more product announcement. While we do not yet have a concrete and explicit confirmation, it appears the announcement is all about an in-house 5G chipset.

A Lenovo executive earlier today on Weibo teased the imminent arrival of the 5G chipset. Along with sharing the image, the post lists out the existing 5G mobile chipsets and adds “5G SoC released next week is full of flowers, but the real trump card is still on the way.”

We have o details about the alleged Lenovo in-house chipset, though the development isn’t out of the ordinary since a couple of OEMs like OPPO are said to be working an in-house chipset too. As per the teaser, the announcement could be coming sometime in December. Perhaps, more details will be out in the coming days.

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