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Klout is Shutting Down, Here Are Some Viable Alternatives

Viable Klout alternatives – Klout has over the years been the standard for influence. To know your influential level, user style, or content you’ll need to look up your Klout report. For those not familiar with Klout, it is a website that measures social media influence by analyzing your data on different social networks. Kloutconnects all your social media accounts and measures your overall online influence on social media and places a rating ranging between 1 to 100. A high score means high social media influence. With Klout, you can find out the audience you are attracting and also find related influencers. Most companies target users with high ratings for media and promotion business.

In 2018, Klout was shot down by Lithium Technologies, leaving many individuals clueless about which alternative means they could use to measure and analyze their social media influence. There are various klout alternatives you could use to measure your influence, however, not many are good like Klout, which makes selecting the best Klout alternative a difficult task to achieve. If you are still undecided about which Klout alternatives to use, then today’s post is all the resource material you need to make your choice. Make your selection from our list of best Kloutalternatives.

Top Klout Alternatives to use

Below is a list of the best platform you can use as an alternative to Klout.

1. Popsters

This is one of the best Kloutalternativesin the world, it has more functionality for analyzing social media account than Klout. Popsters work with Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and a host of other social media.

Features of Popsters

  • Allows you to find the most popular items on many platforms.
  • Reviews all content and post to create an indicator of content impacts.
  • You can select the analysis interval or simply download the publications
  • Reports available in different formats
  • Users can easily find the best content using a hashtag or phrase.

2. Peerindex

PeerIndex is another platform you can use to calculate your online influence. Peerindex will help you know your social capital, company influence, and many other things.

Features of PeerIndex

  • Users’peerindexis determined by their content and reach.
  • It examines the quality of users information
  • Rates users influence on numerous social networks
  • It analyses your contents and finds other similar contents.
  • It favors companies much more than individuals
  • The higher your settings the greater your chance of winning a prize.

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3. Social mention

This is another great Klout alternative you can use. It is simple and free, you can search for brand references on social networks.

Features of Social mention

  • Social mention is similar to Google alerts but it works with only social networks
  • It gives you a complete idea about the brand, including what was said, who said it, and with what mood.
  • You can easily add a widget to the real-time site
  • You can install an RSS feed or email on it
  • Files are available in different formats.

4. Zoho Social

Many individuals make use of this platform to execute an effective marketing idea on social networks. Using solo social, you can effectively schedule contents to be published which will reach the expected targets at the right moment.

Features of Zoho social

  • Uses SmartQ Technology to plan posts
  • You can shorten links anyhow you want
  • Find related activities on different networks using a phrase
  • Works with numerous social network

5. Sprout Social

This Klout alternative is a fan favorite amongst social media enthusiasts. To better manage your several social media brands, it’s advisable to use sprout social.

Features of Sprout Social

  • Users can create posts and schedule them for posting at a later time.
  • Generates your engagement reports
  • Analysis of your media influence
  • Sprout social is free for the first month after which it’ll cost you $99 per month.

6. Getstacker

If you’re looking for a tool you can use to publish posts, reply to contacts on several social media then Getstacker is the tool you’ve been looking for. With Getstacker you can compose messages that target a particular audience and reaches them in time. Getstacker is one of the best Kloutalternatives you can find on the market

Features of Getstacker

  • You can schedule posts to be made on various social networks at different times.
  • Possesses good auto-scheduling tool
  • You can respond to contacts from various social networks
  • Users can boost their social engagement with autopilot mode
  • Users can analyze the statistics of their published contents
  • Available in paid and free modes
  • The free version contains only Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Price ranges from $10 to $250 per month

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