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Apple Introduces The iPhone SE 2020 for a Paltry $399

A new and cheaper iPhone model is fianally here. Apple earlier today announced the much-rumored iPhone SE 2020 as a cheaper alternative to its flagship and premium iPhone 11 from late 2019. As expected, the iPhone SE 2020 was announced in a low key virtual even unlike the splashy Apple product launch events we are used to.

Enough said the iPhone SE 2020 replaces the first generation iPhone SE launched back in 2016. The new special Edition iPhone drops the “new” look of iPhone, as seen with the iPhone 11 for an “older” iPhone design similar to that of the iPhone 8. Overall, the iPhone SE 2020 could be regarded as a rebranded iPhone 8 with a new processor, improved camera specs, but with a very low price tag.

Speaking of the processor, the iPhone SE 2020 uses Apple’s latest and greatest A13 Bionic processor. That’s the same processor that powers the flagship iPhone 11 Pro, so you are basically getting similar performance as the iPhone 11 at a budget price.

Upfront, the rebooted iPhone SE flaunts a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with a large chunk of bezel below and above it. And in the place of Face ID sensor found on the iPhone 11, the iPhone SE2020 features a physical Touch ID scanner. On the flip side, the device gets a lone camera lens with the usual Apple logo.

The 12 MP f/1.8 shooter features improved Smart HDR photography as well as what Apple refers to as “monocular depth-sensing”, which uses machine learning to detect depth and faces. The device is capable of 4K video at 60fps, with stereo audio, and “cinematic” video stabilization. For selfie shots, the device comes with a 7 MP camera sensor with some portrait mode effects.

Apple much like ever before hasn’t revealed the exact battery celled stuffed inside the device. However, we do know it supports 18W fast charging, Qi wireless charging, but only comes with 5W charger right pff the box.

The iPhone SE 2020 has IP67 water and dust resistance rating,  has a minimum of 64GB of storage, Wi-Fi 6, supports dual SIM card, has Haptic Touch, and runs ios 13 out of the box.

iPhone SE 2020 Price and availability

The 2020 iPhone SE is available in black, white, and red color options, and will be available for pre-order beginning from Friday, April 17,  while actual shipping will commence on April 24. In the US, the 64GB model is priced at $399, while the 128GB and 256GB model will sell for $449 and $549 respectively. In the EU, buyers will be doling out €479 and £419, respectively for the base model. In the India sub-continent, the iPhone SE has a starting price of  Rs. 42,500 for the 64GB model. We are not sure when the device will be available for sale in India, however, we do know it will be available soon through Apple Authorized Resellers.

iPhone SE 2020 Price in U.S

  • 64GB model – $399
  • 128GB model – $449
  • 256GB model – $549

iPhone SE 2020 Price in UK, EU

64GB model – €479 and £419

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