Instagram Reels’ Remix feature – What it is, how to activate and How to use it

The Instagram Reels’ Remix feature is a new feature that was recently introduced to compliment the  Instagram Reels. feature. And in today’s article, I’ll be introducing Instagram Reels’ Remix feature (what it is), how to activate the feature, and finally how to use it.

First of all, Instagram Reels was first launched in Brazil, in late 2019, and currently, this feature is available in over 50 countries in the world today, including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc and it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to post a 15-second multi-clip video with audio, effects, and new creative tools and then share to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on their user profile.

As earlier stated, Instagram Reels’ Remix feature was recently added to Instagram Reels and this is a new video editing feature. The beauty of the Instagram Reels’ Remix feature, lies in its ability to let users record a video in response to an existing Reel video and this feature is similar to TikTok’s popular duet feature.

What is the Instagram Reels’ Remix Feature

The Instagram Reels’ Remix feature is a recently added feature to Reels that enables users to send reactionary Reels that will appear next to the original Reel. With this feature, users can remix any pre-existing Reel as long as the creator has enabled remix access. Even though this feature was recently added to Instagram, it is not so new to TikTok users as they have a similar feature called the TikTok Duet feature where users can make split-screen reaction videos. This new feature is really great for dance collaborations and even challenge participation.

How to Activate Instagram Reels’ Remix Feature

First of all, you should know that Instagram had explained that the Reels remix feature is enabled by default for all new Reels you publish from a public account. By enabling remix, you are making your content eligible for millions of potential collaborations, just thinking of the possibilities alone tells you that it’s an incredible way to expand your reach and possibly go viral. When you enable Remixing for a particular video, the original video stays on the left lane while the new Reel stays on the right and on the bottom left corner, this is where Instagram gives credit to the creator of the new video (this is how you could go viral, well it’s only possible if your real gets a lot of attention). To enable the Instagram Reels’ Remix feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Instagram
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Tap on the Hamburger icon (the 3 horizontal lines located at the top right corner of your screen).
  • On the menu, tap on Settings.
  • Next, tap on Privacy.
  • Tap on Reels.
  • Now, toggle Enable Remix to turn it on or off.

With the above steps, you should be able to enable Instagram Reels’ Remix feature. Sometimes due to your region and device, Reels may not appear on this menu and if that’s the case, attempt the next set of instructions.

How to Activate Instagram Reels’ Remix Feature (For An Individual Reel)

For you to be able to activate or enable Instagram Reels’ Remix feature for individual Reels, follow the steps below:

  • Open your Instagram
  • Look for the particular Reel you want to enable or activate the Instagram Reels’ Remix Feature on.
  • Select the Reel and tap on the three vertical dots.
  • Finally tap on Enable Remixing to activate or Disable Remixing to de-activate.

With both methods, you should be able to activate Instagram Reels’ Remix feature on your Instagram app. Now after enabling this feature on your Instagram app, the next thing would be to learn how to use this amazing feature and I’m going to show you how, all you have to do is keep your eyes glued to this article.

How to Use Instagram Reels’ Remix Feature

The new Instagram Reels’ Remix feature is relatively easy to use and if you want to remix another person’s Reel, possibly a friend’s or someone you follow or you simply want to remix a previously posted content, kindly follow the steps below to learn how.

  • Select the video you want to remix and tap on the 3 vertical dots. If the user has enabled the remix feature, you’ll see Remix This Reel. If you can’t find this, please tell the user to enable the feature before you can proceed.
  • For the next step, record and upload your Reel video, which is the remix. After uploading as stated earlier, you’ll find out that your uploaded Reel will appear on the right side of the screen. Added to this, you can change the speed of the Reel, apply effects, touch up, set timer, and even align.
  • Next, it’s time for you to edit the video, and you can do this by adding text or drawing on the video, add voice-over, mix the audio and even include stickers.
  • Finally, after all, changes and edits have been done, you can now write a caption if you desire and choose your video settings before tapping Share.

With the above, you should be able to use the Instagram Reels’ Remix feature. As a final note, Instagram recommends that when using this feature, users should create tools like text filters or camera effects and also use vertical videos rather than horizontal videos as horizontal videos are not typically easy to recreate. They further recommended that creators should use music that they find on the Instagram music library or original audio that they find or create on Reels.

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