Infinix XHIDE App: Steps to Download, Reset Password, Retrieve Files

Xhide app: What is it all about?

Xhide app is simply an Infinix application that enables users to conceal and uncover apps, images, videos, records, and some other files. The Infinix Mobility did a great job by providing the Xhide app to ensure that users who love privacy maintains it.

Infinix Xhide App

This Xhide app, meanwhile, is preinstalled in Infinix phones that runs on XOS Hummingbird or Chameleon, that is, XOS user interface (UI). It is an interesting app that is very safe.

Not just the apps, the Xhide app also enables you to hide files without third-party accessment. Nevertheless, we bring you the steps you are to follow if you want to download, hide, reset passwords, and retrieve files on your Infinix Smartphone.

What kind of files can Xhide app hide?

Like we earlier discussed, there are series of files Infinix Xhide app can hide. They include;

  • All messages
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Call Records
  • Apps

 Features of the Infinix XHIDE App

  • Xhide easily protects and conceals all apps, messages, videos, photos and file, to avoid or keep them from the eyes of another person.
  • It is said to possess a easier method of securing files inside an already hidden app.
  • The Xhide icon can be hidden completely from your phone’s app drawer.
  • Xhide app can be uncovered or unlocked with a unique way including using special passwords.
  • You are free to reset your passwords to ensure greater app security.
  • The Xhide is completely free and easy to use.
  • Finally, don’t attempt to download this app separately, you won’t be allowed to.

Infinix Xhide App

Steps to Use Infinix XHIDE App

  • The first thing you need to do is to install the Xhide app. To do this is not difficult.
  • Note that, Xhide apps are already pre-installed on Infinix Smartphones that run on XOS Hummingbird or Chameleon. Go to the already pre-installed Xhide app.
  • Touch on the application, set up the four digit PIN (not SIM PIN) and you are ready to commence…
  • Do not forget, your PIN must be a four digit following ## For instance, ##0000.

Where to Download Infinix XHIDE App

The Xhide app has already been pre-installed in all Infinix smartphones that run XOS Hummingbird or Chameleon, and can be found inside the ‘XOS family’. Hence, you are not allowed to download it separately from any other source. Please be informed that every infinix phone that runs XUI skin doesn’t come with the Xhide app.

How to Access Hidden Apps On infinix Phones

Believe me when I tell you that, you might probably find it quite challenging and complicating to access files you have already hidden on your phone.

Nevertheless, for you to have a chance to access the secured or hidden files, you have to follow the guidelines below.

Meanwhile, if the Xhide app is in hidden mode, these are the steps you need to follow;

Step 1:

Proceed to your phone dialer and dial ##0000(that is, in a case where you used 0000 as your four digit pin the first time you used the app, as earlier discussed). For example, if the pin you used at first was 1234, you therefore, dial ##1234.

Step 2:

The Xhide app will automatically appear immediately you dial the correct code. It will show you descriptions of different categories.

Step 3:

Tap on the category where the app you want to access is located to open it. It will open and you can have access to all the files you secured in it.

However, if the Xhide app is not in hidden mode, you can easily find it on your phone app drawer, and tap on it.

It will open for you to select the category in which the file you are to access appears. Nevertheless, this second alternative is NOT SAFE, due to the fact that anyone operating your phone can have access to your hidden files because no security authentication is required.

How to Reset Infinix XHIDE Password

In order to ensure better security of your hidden files, you need to reset your password from time to time. This will make it more difficult for another person to unlock it, especially, the clever ones that study your moves each time you unlock it.

Therefore, below are the steps that you have to follow to reset your Infinix Xhide password;

Step 1:

Dial this code ##0000 in your phone dialer (Xhide will come up automatically asking you to input security question and answer)

Step 2:

Enter the answer you set to your security question (if correct, the option to input a new password will appear)

Step 3:

Then, enter the new password you wish to input (it’s quite important you make use of a password that you can easily recall, anytime).

Immediately it is confirmed, you have successfully changed your password with a new one.

How to Recover XHIDE Hidden Apps and Files

The next thing is how to solve a common challenge that most users face. That challenge is how to get recover and retrieve Xhide app after forgetting password.

To retrieve and recover your hidden apps and files when you have tried in vain to remember your password, these are the instructions you need to follow;

Step 3:

Go to your phone dialer and dial this code ## and security pin. For instance, ##1234.

Step 2:

The app will immediately appear automatically when you dial the Xhide code above, showing different categories of where you hid the file.

Step 3:

Select by tapping on the category where you hide the file; for instance; communication, videos, records pictures or apps.

Step 4:

Then, select or choose the app or file you want to recover or retrieve and tap on it. That is all you need to make it accessible.

That is all the information you need as regards Infinix Xhide app. If you follow all the instructions and steps carefully listed above, you will no longer find it difficult to download, reset password and retrieve files on the Infinix Smartphones.

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