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Huawei trademarks P300, P400, and P400 monikers, perhaps for 2020 P series.

The sanction from the Commerce Department isn’t stopping Huawei in any way. The Huawei Mate 30, aside from the Galaxy Note 10 is one of the most anticipated smartphones right now. The device will be arriving in the coming months, perhaps at the IFA 2019, but the Chinese brand already has plans for its 2020 first flagship smartphone. The HuaweiP30 is at the moment the heir of Huawei P series and going by Huawei’s convention, we should expect the Chinese firm to follow that up with the HuaweiP40.

That might not happen as indications have now emerged that Huawei might drop the double-digit naming for a triple-digit naming. The brand has now trademarked several trademarks for what might be the next in line of its P series smartphones.

Huawei earlier this month filed for a handful of new trademarks with the Intelectual Property Office of the UK. Filed under the category 9 for smartphones, the Chinese brand seeks to protect the  ‘HuaweiP300’, ‘ HuaweiP400’, and ‘Huawei P500 monikers. Sadly, there we know little or nothing about these monikers since this mark their first appearance.

However, speculations are that the brand might be skipping the P40 moniker for the next P series smartphone for, perhaps the P400. If indeed the company is opting for the P400 as the sequel to the P30 series, what then is the essence of registering the P300?. Obviously, we should get to know what becomes of the sequel to the P30 in the coming months.

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