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How to watch Jungle Cruise in the UK and US

Do you remember Jungle Cruise? I mean the same Disney film that was supposed to be out last year but wasn’t available due to the corona Virus outbreak. Well, you should be glad as there is good news and today I’ll be telling you how to watch Jungle Cruise in the UK and US.

After a long wait, Jungle Cruise will be released this year, as there is a confirmed date for the release. The movie starring Dwayne Jackson (popularly known as “the rock”) and Emily Blunt is a comedy-adventure film based on the popular ride at the Disney theme parks and also joining similar adaptations from the Haunted Mansion and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Jungle Cruise Official Release Date

Jungle Cruise will officially be released on 30th, July 2021. This is just a few days after the release of Ultimate Spider-man: Origins.

Where Was Jungle Cruise Filmed?

The shooting for the movie Jungle Cruise took place in three locations: Kauai, Hawaii, and Atlanta, Georgia between May and September 2018.

Jungle Cruise Premise

The movie is set during the early 20th century. A riverboat captain named Frank takes a scientist who travels from London, England, and her brother on a mission into the Amazon jungle. Frank guides her downriver on La Quila (his ramshackle but charming boat) to find the tree of life, which is believed to possess unparalleled healing powers and can change the future of medicine.

On this journey, the trio must fight against dangerous animals, encounter innumerable dangers and supernatural forces lurking in the deceptive lush rainforest. And as the secret of the tree unfolds, the stakes reach even higher for Lily (the scientist) and Frank, their fate and mankind’s hangs in a balance.

Jungle Cruise Casts

For the main casts, we have:

Dwayne Johnson (Frank): in this movie Frank portrays himself as the riverboat captain.

Emily Blunt (Lily Houghton): Emily portrays herself to be a scientist searching for the tree of life and its healing powers with hopes of advancing the field of medicine.

Jack Whitehall (McGregor Houghton): Jack plays the role of being Lily’s younger brother.

Edgar Ramirez plays the role of a mysterious villain.

Jesse Plemons: also plays a role of a villain in the movie.

The rest of the cast for the movie are:

Paul Giamatti, Veronica Falcón, Dani Rovira, Quim Gutierrez, Dan Carter, Andy Nyman, Raphael Alejandro, Sulem Calderon, Simone Lockhart, Pedro Lopez, Mark Ashworth, Sebastian Blunt, Allan Poppleton, Ryan Boz, Ryan Dinning, Caroline Paige, James Quattrochi, Stephen Dunlevy, Philipp Maximilian, Diederik Verhoef, Stephan Goldbach, Romualdo Castillo, Jason New, Pedro Haro, Christina Souza, Michael Cole, Hector Banos, Luis Burbano III, Peter Zimmerman, Travis Gomez, Josue Gutierrez, Ismael Herrera, Mia Shaw, Pedro Barquin, David Lengel, Justin Brooke, Victoria Blade, Brooke Taylor, Vince Pisani, Piper Collins, Keith Bolden, Chip Steele, and Ben Jenkin.


Where Can I Watch Jungle Cruise in the UK and US?

By the time Jungle Cruise is released on its official date, you’ll be able to have access to it through open cinemas all across the UK, the US, and all over other parts of the globe.

Since today’s guide is centered around the UK and the US, you’ll be able to pre-order your tickets from Showcase, Odeon, Cineworld, and Vue for people living in the UK while those in the US can obtain theirs from Fandango and AMC.

Will Jungle Plus Be Released On Disney Plus?

The answer is yes. Jungle Cruise will be made available to people who subscribed to Disney Plus Premier Access.

Films released on Disney Plus Premiere cost €19.99 in the UK and $29.99 in the US. If you haven’t yet subscribed to Disney Plus, you can do that via their website:

After subscribing to Disney Plus, follow the steps below to be able to watch the Jungle Cruise from the comfort of your home on 30 July 2021.

  • Sign in to your Disney Plus account.
  • Go to your Homepage.
  • Click on Jungle Cruis
  • Click on Get Premiere Access.
  • Confirm that you know it’s an additional purchase and you are happy to be billed extra.

Disney Plus is really living up to the hype, releasing Disney movies on the same date as the theatrical releases. This is really great for people who enjoy watching movies from the comfort of their homes.

Will Jungle Cruise release on VOD services and DVD?

Yes. Jungle Cruise will be available on VOD services as well as DVDs for those of us who don’t mind waiting a few more days after the official release of the movie before getting our hands on it just to cut the extra cost incurred when the movie is still running on cinemas and on Disney Plus Access.

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