How to watch HBO Max on Apple TV app

HBO Max is just like any other streaming service out there like Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc where you pay money in order to have access to their services. HBO Max is available in Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google’s Android, Android TV, etc. If you own an Apple TV, and you want to enjoy the services offered by HBO Max, then you are in luck as I will be guiding you through how to watch HBO Max on Apple TV app.

HBO Max was initially launched in May 2020. It is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned by AT&T through the WarnerMedia Direct Subsidiary of WarnerMedia. While HBO Max may be considered as nearly launched, HBO has been the king of premium content for over 50 years with high quality and licensed content.

HBO expanded its service and called it HBO Max, HBO Max now has HBO’s impressive library of original shows and movies added with content from its parent company WarnerMedia, all joggled up into a single subscription service. HBO has upped their game with the launch of HBO Max as they intend to show Warner’s key theatrical releases on the same day they hit the cinemas.

For example, the widely anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 which debuted on December 25, 2020, was only released the same day on HBO, if you ask me, it’s an interesting feat as it saves you the cost of visiting the cinema for an extra 20 bucks (dollars) or more when you can sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy the movie for the same subscription price of 15 bucks a month.

Additionally, with HBO Max, you have access to over 10,000 hours worth of premium content, containing your favorite shows such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Undoing, and even Euphoria. You can also enjoy exclusive content with HBO Max such as the Prince of Bel-Air, Sitcom friends, Rick and Morty comedy cartoon, and also the award-winning anime of Studio Ghibli.

With HBO Max you can also enjoy the growing slate of Max originals such as Seth Rogen starring An American pickle and like I mentioned earlier, you also get to enjoy all Warner Brothers 2021 movies.

With the above amazing features, I’m sure you want to have HBO Max installed on your Apple TV, so without further ado, I’ll be showing you how to watch HBO Max on your Apple TV app.

How to Watch HBO Max on Apple TV App

Before we proceed to the steps, please note that HBO Max is currently available for only Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD following the removal of HBO Now from all third-generation Apple TV’s hence if you still own one you can only access HBO on your screen using AirPlay from the phone app.

Now if you own an Apple TV 4K, or Apple TV HD TV set, follow the steps below to learn how to watch HBO Max on Apple TV app.

• Ensure your Apple TV (4K or HD) is connected to a stable power outlet.
• Switch on your Apple TV and wait a few seconds for it to boot.
• Ensure your Apple TV is connected to a secure and fast internet to avoid slow downloads.
• On the Home Screen swipe until you can find App Store and open it.
• Search for HBO Max on the search box.
• Select HBO Max from the list of options available and click on the Download option. Installation should span between a few seconds to some minutes depending on your internet connectivity.
• After Installation, open HBO Max.

With the above steps, you now know how to watch HBO Max on Apple TV app and can now enjoy the exclusive services offered by HBO Max. If you are already a subscriber, at this point you can easily sign in. N/B: both HBO and HBO Now subscribers can access the HBO Max at no extra charges. Now subscribers can simply register through the HBO Max app on Apple TV making the purchase through Apple In-App Purchase or as a new subscriber you can alternatively sign up through the HBO Max website and afterward continue with the sign-in on the app.

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