How to use Netflix Screen Lock to disable Playback Control

This post has been carefully researched and crafted to give you a definitive guide on how to use Netflix screen lock to disable playback control.

As you may already know that smartphones are the most convenient mode for watching your favorite Netflix offers.  You can use it to watch a show while traveling, in bed, sitting on the balcony, etc.  It’s like a smartphone that frees you from all borders and wires.  But when your viewing experience is disturbing by accidental touches on smartphone screens, especially when using fewer phones, things get damaged.

How To Use Netflix Screen Lock To Disable Playback Control

Did you pause, rewind or exit Netflix easily while watching a movie or show on your phone? Well, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. With just a few easy steps, you can easily lock your screen while watching a Netflix movie or series on most mobile devices. This post has got you covered.

To activate the new screen lock feature, all you have to do is just tap the option in the lower left of the screen when activating the Uboot UI on the Netflix Android app.  Once activated, the lock icon and screen locked label will appear in the bottom middle of the screen, which will disappear after a few seconds.

This new feature allows Android users to avoid accidental touches when using the Netflix mobile app.  The “Screen Lock” option will now appear at the bottom of the screen after you start watching a TV program or movie.  Activating the screen lock will stop the button prompts, such as “play/pause” buttons, helping you to prevent you from turning off or enabling accidentally translating.  If you want to disable the feature, click on your screen and a “unlock” prompt will appear, you will need to click twice.

  Android system gestures, such as back swiping, still work when the feature is enabled; however, they are not completely guaranteed.  Although you are a person who moves a lot while watching, or if you have a toddler watch, this feature may prove to be a valuable tool to ensure the show runs straight.

How to disable playback controls while watching a movie on Netflix

After you scroll through the seemingly endless content catalog of Netflix deciding what to watch, you should see the traditional playback controls along with several additional buttons while watching the movie.  While watching a movie or show, press the screen lock, and all Netflix widgets will be removed regardless of which central button you can use to unlock the interface.

Now, this feature can be especially useful when you see Netflix on the go.  This will help prevent kids from accidentally getting out of their favorite show, or hold your phone at a strange angle while watching.  While screen lock is enabled, you can still use external voice buttons and features on your phone as the Android Quick Settings menu.


When streaming starts up on your Android device, you will notice a new addition to the screen controls called Screen Lock.  Clicking on it will remove all the usual controls except for the toggle screen lock.

With screen lock activated, playback cannot be interrupted.  Any clicks, accidental or otherwise, will simply appear lock screen icon.  If you want to disable it, just tap the screen again while the icon appears, and you will be asked if you want to unlock it.  Clicking again unlocks, and all usual playback controls will return.

That’s it. I hope this article has been able to address your challenge. If you have any further queries, drop it at the comment box.

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