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How to Use Virtual Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

As the world continues to battle the Corona Virus Pandemic, virtual meetings have become the norm changing virtually everything about the ways we work. Whether you need to connect with friends, families, or your employee, using video conferencing apps like the Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and even the newest of them all the Facebook Messenger Rooms are all designed to meet your communication needs.  Much like its closest rival – ZOOM, Microsft Teams has rolled out a new feature that is especially useful for those that are new to working from home. It now allows you to change your messy background for something more enchanting. While we already have a detailed article on how you can change the Background on Skype and Zoom video call, here we come with details on how to use custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams.

Yes, you read that right, the custom background effect isn’t only available to just ZOOM, Microsoft Teams app now allows you to change from a messy background to a very neat background. Keep reading to get acquainted with how to do that.

The ability to change custom backgrounds on Microsoft Teams is gradually rolling out, so you may have to chill a bit until it’s made available to you. However, Microsoft Teams still allow you to Blur the Background so your messy room will no longer be visible.

And speaking of changing custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, the feature at the moment is limited to Microsoft’s built-in images.  It doesn’t allow you to upload your own custom image, though there is a workaround. Microsft also confirmed that it will include the ability to upload your own custom images in the near future.

How to change custom Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Initiate a video call

This should be done via desktop versions of the app, either for Windows or for macOS. To change custom background in Microsft Teams, first, hook up with one or more friends via your PC.

Open up the Background Settings

While still hooked up with your friends or employee, tap on the more option – that the three-dot menu icon and choose “Show Background Effects” to open the “Background Settings” panel. Absence of the feature suggests Microsoft has yet to roll out the update in your region, so you might have to check back in a few more days.

A set of in-built images appear

Next, you will be presented with a number of in-built custom images. Click on an image and then select the “Apply” button.

And that’s all there is to it changing custom backgrounds in Microsoft Teams. The next step is to enjoy your video conferencing in an organized and good looking background. No more will your call partner see your shitty background hitherto associated with your call.

Use your Custom Background in Microsoft Teams

Like we stated earlier Teams at the moment doesn’t officially support uploading your custom image, however, there appears to be a way to achieving that. It is pretty much the same as the one highlighted above, except you have to put the image you want to use in a special folder.

On Windows, open the Windows Explorer and go to %Appdata%/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads. If you’re on Mac, ~Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds.

Move your preferred images/s into that folder


Now, go back to the Microsoft Teams application, close the “Background Settings” panel if it’s open, click the three-dot menu icon on a video call, and choose “Show Background Effects.”

Uploaded custom images will appear at the bottom of the panel. Select the image and then click the “Apply” button, and you are done. Do note that your custom image is only for a call session, so you might have to add a new background at any time you initiate a new call.

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