How to turn kids mode on Samsung phone

A good number of Samsung phones come off the box with a Kids Home mode that restricts your kids access to a number of features when activated. Here today, let’s take a quick run-through of How to turn kids mode on Samsung phone.

If your kids want to use your phone and you want to prevent them from having access to some functions without deleting your apps or altering any settings on your phone, then Samsung kids mode is an excellent way to get it done.

While using third-party apps is an effective way to exert control on your children’s phones, a great number of these apps collect too much data from our devices, so it is unsafe to use third-party apps for security and privacy purposes. The data these apps collect ends up in the hands of commercial companies or sold to other institutions. You don’t want your or your kids’ data in the wrong hands. It is better to use the inbuilt functions of your Samsung device to achieve parental control.

In this article, we will walk you through how to activate kids mode on your Samsung phone. What is the Kids mode you may ask? The kid mode is a built-in function that comes with your device, and it is much preferable to any third-party app.

In the kids’ mode, your kids would only have access to limited functions on their device or your phone, and they would not have access to sophistications.

kids mode

How to turn on kids mode on a Samsung phone


  • Swipe down the drop-down menu on your device from the top panel of the screen
  • Scroll to the options and locate the icon named kids’ home
  • It would load you a page with the following button at the bottom. A page would load up on your screen requesting you to enter the lock pin.
  • Enter any four numbers that you want. It would require you to confirm the number and enter the number again to confirm the number. Keep this pin away from your kids because they can use the pin to deactivate the kids’ mode. And, it would be best if you wrote down the pin somewhere save because you would need it anytime you want to deactivate the kid mode.
  • Once you enter the confirmation pin, the kids’ mode will automatically activate.

For some Samsung phones, the Kids mode does not preinstall from the factory. However, you can still get the Kids mode to work with the devices. Here, we will explain how to install and use the children’s mode on a Samsung phone without a factory-installed Kids Mode.

If your devices do not have the pre-installed Kids mode, your only way out is to reach out to the Galaxy store app on your device where you download the app.

To do this, open the;

The application Galaxy Store which is located in the Samsung folder in the app menu.

Go to the “search” box of the store, and then type “SKids mode” 

Click on the Kids mode app, and then go ahead to install.

Open the app when installed and follow the on-screen instruction on How to turn kid mode on Samsung phone.

How do the kids home function?

The kid mode android environment is unique and different from the one you usually use. It is a fun interface for your kids, where they can use minor functions of your phone or their phone. When you activate the kids’ mode, you may need to perform a few settings for the kids. Some Samsung devices may require you to install a camera app for them, different from the one that came with the phone. There is also a need to save a few numbers on the kid’s home contact app to provide them with numbers to call if they need to make calls. Save some images in their gallery to give them something to view. Your kids would also be able to use some games installed on your phone. You can also remove some games you would not want them to access.


How to deactivate the kid mode

When your kids are done with your phone, you follow these steps to undo the kids’ mode.

  • Look to the top right corner of your phone and locate the three dots icon
  • Click on the three-dot icon. Two options would pop up.
  • Choose the options that say “close kids mode.”
  • It would display the page requesting you to enter the lock pin you chose when you activated the kid mode.
  • Enter the pin, and the kid mode would be deactivated automatically.


Wrapping up

The kid mode helps keep your kids away from inappropriate content that they may get exposed to if they access all your normal phone functions. Besides, using your phone in kids mode help, you keep your phone safe and prevents them from altering the apps or content of your phone. It is best to have kids use their phones in kids mode when they are still very young to help them avoid distractions and maintain focus. As they grow older, they will learn how to make life choices and keep their mind focused on doing the right things and making the most of their time. Phones can be a great distraction tool, and Samsung kids mode is a great way to curb these distractions.

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