How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android

This post explains how to text someone who blocked you on Android. Learning how to text someone who blocked you serves as a pretty effective way of resolving conflict with a second-party contact. This involves two (2) very simple steps:

  • Texting using anonymous text services
  • Texting with WhatsApp on Android

When someone blocks you on Android, this is usually done by blocking your phone number. This, in turn, restricts you from receiving any phone calls or text messages from that person.

This can also serve as a way of getting rid of spam calls or text messages.

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Although, there are also so many other reasons why people might decide to block each other using this feature.

Having a friend block you can be a really daunting experience, especially if it’s just a little conflict that led to the act.

It gets worst when you don’t even know that you’ve been blocked.

Thankfully, there are some simple hacks to help you know exactly when someone has blocked you from calling or messaging them on Android.

How Do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on Android?

Before going out to try the various steps on how to text someone who blocked you on Android, you need to first know exactly if that person really blocked you or not.

A few cases show that most messages or calls sent may not make it to the receiver as a result of network issues.

This could mean that your inability to reach out to that friend or family member of yours may be resulting from issues with your network, not necessarily them blocking you from their list of contacts.

The easiest way to know exactly whether someone blocked your number on Android includes the following:

  1. Try calling them on phone and take note of the response
  2. Try sending them a message on WhatsApp
  3. Try enabling text delivery reports on your Android

These are further broken down thus:

Step #1: Trying Calling Them and Take Note of the Response

When someone blocks your number on Android, you are most likely to never be able to reach them via a call.

That goes to say that if a friend or family member, or even a work colleague blocks your number, whenever you try to ring them on a phone call, your call either get rejected immediately or forwarded to voicemail.

In a few cases though, your phone might notify you that the dialed contact is busy, which also implies that you have been blocked by such contact.

A simple way around this is to change your caller ID.

Step #2: Try Sending Them a Message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently one of the largest messaging services in the world that is common among almost everyone today.

Thus, there’s a high possibility that you only got your number blocked on their Android and not their WhatsApp. To confirm this, simply send a message to their contact on WhatsApp.

If your message gets double-checked, it implies that you are not blocked yet.

There’s also hope that you can actually reach out to that person via WhatsApp since your messages are getting delivered.

But if after some time; perhaps a few days, you still notice just a single check on your message, then it’s evident that your contact has been blocked by that contact on WhatsApp as well.

Step #3: Try Enabling Text Delivery Reports on Your Android

Quite similar to WhatsApp, the way that normal texting works on Android is that with the normal Android texting app, you can always tell whether a message you sent has been delivered to the recipient or not.

Although by default, this feature is disabled, you can always turn it on by yourself manually.

To get this done, simply open up your Android messaging app and click on Settings. Now click on the toggle icon for the option “Get SMS Delivery Reports”.

This now enables the Delivery Reports on your Android device.


Now try sending a message to your friend’s contact again. If you get a “delivered notification”, then this implies that your number hasn’t been blocked yet by that contact.

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android

People block people on Android devices for so many reasons, but the best way to resolve any kind of conflict is through communication.

It’s important to note that the below steps will not send a text message directly to the contact that blocked you, but it’s definitely a good way of conveying your message to the person.

As discussed earlier, the two (2) simple steps to follow when learning how to text someone who blocked you on Android include:

Texting using anonymous text services
Texting with WhatsApp on Android

These are further broken down thus:

#1: Texting Using Anonymous Text Services

One of the very effective ways of texting someone who has blocked you on Android is by making use of anonymous text services.

These services make it possible for you to message any contact on your list that has blocked you without even having a phone number at all.

You simply visit the service and enter your recipient’s contact and send any message of your choice for free.

#2: Texting with WhatsApp

Text messaging on a smartphone can be done either via cellular text or via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp offers one of the best messaging service with lots of amazing features

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WhatsApp also makes it really easy for you to know how to text someone who blocked you on WhatsApp.

It’s most common that the person that blocked you from their contacts on Android failed to do so on their WhatsApp. Hence, you can simply go and try sending them a message on WhatsApp.

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You on Android?

After understanding how to text someone who blocked you on Android, you might as well learn how to call someone who blocked you on Android if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

Here is how to call someone who blocked you on Android:

  1. Try calling them on WhatsApp
  2. Use a randomly generated phone number

#1: Try Calling Them on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also a good means to leverage when trying to reach out to someone who blocked you on Android via a call.

WhatsApp lets users make both voice and video calls directly to the contacts on their list. This can come in pretty handy when you’re trying to reach out to a contact that blocked you on Android.

Thus, if you realize that your contact failed to block you on their WhatsApp, you will always be able to reach out to them via a voice or video call on the platform.

#2: Use a Randomly Generated Number

There are a few apps online that let you generate a random phone number for free. This can be applied to call anyone that you want.

These apps make use of different phone numbers that your contacts don’t know about, and can be used to call the contact that recently blocked you.


Apps like these also do not show your caller id to your dialed contact, and once installed, you can always login and enter any phone number of your choice and call them for free.

Randomly generated phone numbers can also work when trying to text someone who blocked you on Android.

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