How To Switch Between BFF And Dating Modes In Bumble

Today’s article will take you through what it takes to Switch Between BFF And Dating Modes In Bumble. Wish to know more about Discord? here are more articles that can be pretty useful.

Bumble is an application that is easy to navigate, users can sign up using their Facebook profile, or phone number. The app provides an option to search for romantic matches or, in “Bumble best friends forever(BFF) mode”, friends.

But, here lies the problem, most users after registering their Bumble account, and have chosen their preferred mode finds it hard to switch to other modes when the need arises. That is why in today’s guide I will be instructing you on how to switch between Bumble BFF and Dating modes in Bumble.

Bumble is an online dating application that facilitates communication between registered users, operated by an American social media company, Bumble Inc. The Bumble app has three mode features: Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz.

To get started on Bumble; download the Bumble app, register an account, then you’ll be given access to choose between one of the three modes. Now you can start building your profile to connect with potential friends nearby. Without further ado let’s move into the matter of the day, How To Switch Between BFF And Dating Modes In Bumble.

Bumble BFF and Dating Modes

Bumble app isn’t just your normal dating app but an innovative dating app, that is not centered only on dating but possesses the unique feature “Bumble BFF”  (aka Bumble Best Friends Forever) mode. Have you recently moved to a new location? And would like to expand your social group? Bumble BFF could be a helpful application to make new friends.

In the Bumble BFF mode, you are able to make platonic friends around your geographic location. Bumble’s most famous innovative feature being the ladies having the most control over the app, allowing only ladies to start the initial interaction in a match up. Ladies in general feel much more comfortable using this dating app simply because they can choose whether or perhaps not to answer a match up. This feature significantly decreased the number of unwelcome messages.

In BFF mode, possible matches consist of people who are in your geographic location and of the same gender. It is about making long-lasting friends rather than hooking up or dating. If you have recently moved to a new city or simply want to broaden your social horizons, Bumble’s BFF mode is the app for you. In the BFF mode, you can find new friends with similar interests.

In dating mode, Bumble displays a traditional dating app model where different users are displayed and you swipe left or right depending on your preferences. Swipe left to give them a pass or swipe right to indicate that you’re interested. If they swipe right on your profile too you’re considered a match.

When a match is made, it is listed on your Match Queue page where only women can initiate a conversation. Male users cannot initiate a conversation with a woman. No wonder Wolfe Herd has described Bumble as a “feminist dating app”. Whether you’re searching for new friends or you’re looking for the love of your life, Bumble is the perfect resource for you. Most users after selecting a particular mode would like to switch to other modes. Switching Between Bumble BFF and dating mode or Buzz mode is quite simple, here’s how:

Switching BFF and dating modes in Bumble

Switching between dating and BFF mode in Bumble is very simple and straightforward. When you’re setting up Bumble for the first time you can select the option to set up your profile in BFF mode, Dating Mode, or Bizz Mode.

If you already have a Bumble account, and you wish to switch your current mode to another, then follow these steps:

  • Open your Bumble application and tap on your profile icon in the lower left-hand corner.
  • Tap the Settings cog in the upper left-hand corner of this screen.
  • Tap ‘Choose Mode’.
  • Click on your preferred option between BFF, Date Mode, or Bizz Mode.
  • Confirm the pop-ups and start searching.

Switching between BFF and Dating Modes or Bizz mode is super simple once you learn how to navigate the app. You can always turn date mode off if things are getting a little more serious with another user. You can also choose the snooze mode option and your profile will be hidden from stacks for a while.

Another interesting feature about Bumble is that you can use both Bumble dating and Bumble BFF at the same time if you like.  All you have to do is switch modes as illustrated above and you can use the same profile for both aspects. Bumble uses colour-coded conversations to let you know which is which. Dating chats are in standard yellow and Bumble BFF chats in green. With this you’ll hardly confused a conversation with a potential date with a conversation with a potential friend.

The same time limits apply to both modes. That means you only have 24 hours to initiate a conversation with your new Bumble BFF match before it expires. If you are a Bumbler Boost or you have to daily free extension you can extend the deadline. otherwise, the same procedure that exists in dating mode also exists in BFF mode.

The main challenges to switching between modes in Bumble is that the same profile is used for both modes and you can only match with potential friends of the same gender.

Turning Off Date Mode

To turn off Date Mode and let other’s know you’re unavailable do this:

  • Open your Bumble app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Tap on your profile icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the home screen.
  • Toggle the ‘Date Mode’ option on for date mode, or off (grey) for BFF mode.
  • Start swiping for friends.

Building a strong community is key to a healthy, happy life, no matter your romantic relationship status, the platonic friends who surround you, are the ones who support you through life’s major challenges. That’s why Bumble created this platform for users to connect not only with potential partners but with new friends too.

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