MoMo Agent Allows You Send and Receive Money

Have you been looking for a sure way by which you can send and get your money without stress? be rest assured that we will be lecturing you all on how to Send or Receive Money Through MoMo Agent. This will really make you manage your time and ease your stress as well.

How to Send or Receive Money Through MoMo Agent
How to Send or Receive Money Through MoMo Agent

Before now, sending and receiving money have been a major concern. Only the banks are authorized to carry out such acts. But thanks to technology, hence, some agents have been set up to make sure transactions are been carried out without any form of much stress. Below are the main tips.

How to Send Money Through a MoMo Agent

1. You will need to locate or Visit MoMo Agent Nearest to You.

2. Send an SMS/ Text Agent to 64625 or Text Agent LGA/State to 64625.

3.Shortly, you will receive a text message containing the list of agents

On the other hand,

1. You can as well hand over the money to the receiver’s phone number to Agent

2. A 5 digits control number will be sent to you once the transaction is been completed to the receiver of the money.

3. Make sure you show your 5 digits control number to the receiver of the money

4. Make sure you tell the receiver to locate the nearest agent and present the 5 digits control number in other to claim the money.

Quick benefits of Being a MoMo Agent

  1. You can make use of it without the Internet
  2. You can also operate this with your mere phones
  3. Its convenient & simpler alternative to regular banking
  4. It saves time and stress.
  5. You can carry out your transactions without stress.

Other Means Sending And Receiving Money

Below are some quick ways by which you can simply send and also receive money right from the comfort of your home. Do well to read down for full information.


It’s Important we make it known t you all that PayPal happens to be an American company operating a worldwide online payment system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.


You can send and also get money via Payoneer. Know it that Payoneer is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services, and provides. It’s fast, trusted, and stress-free when sending and getting money.


MoneyGram is a platform that you can simply make use of when sending and getting funds from any part of the world. Be rest assured that it’s fast and reliable when making our transactions. In MoneyGram Tracking, You will not lose money because your transactions are safe.

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