How to Reset Quora Feed, Topic, and Interest

Learning how to reset Quora feed, topic, and interest will give you a better insight into how much you are currently missing out on by staying limited to certain content.

Quora is a social media platform established in 2009 to serve as a question and answer means in an interactive format. The platform has become one of the top-ranked question and answer platforms in the world as it can create a successful marketing base for both you and your business in general.

Its usefulness goes beyond forming a sound marketing base as the platform can also be used to popularize a blog or website. This, in turn, makes it pretty easy for you to rank your site’s content on different search engines and drive lots of traffic.

Quora also allows its users to follow one another and notify each user on the latest topic of interest that is updated in whichever topic they are following.

How to Reset Quora Feed

Similar to other social media platforms, on Quora, there’ll always come a moment where your user feed or timeline will be flooded with content or topics that are irrelevant to your interest, thereby prompting you to make a move to stop it.

This step can prove pretty challenging to a few people, but still, everything can be made easy for you if you understand how the entire process works.

But first, before you proceed to learn how to reset Quora feed or topic, it is important to note that, as of now, there is no specific or automatic way to reset your user feed on Quora.

Steps on How to Reset Quora Feeds, Topic, and Interest

While there is no exact way to automate the way Quora feed is being reset, still, the platform provides users an option to choose, or rather select topics that are of interest to them within the platform.

The moment you select select topic(s) on Quora, you will always get updated time after time automatically by the platform with information related to your chosen topic.

In some cases, your search history also impacts the topic that you will see in your timeline.

That is, if you often search for a particular topic, there is every tendency for updates about such topic to show on your timeline, even if you are yet to follow up on them.

This also goes to show that once you search for such a topic and you spend enough time on it, probably by reading them, the system automatically thinks you are interested in such topic, hence, decide to start updating you consistently on them.

When learning how to reset Quora feed, start by using the steps as listed below:

Step 1: Log in to your quora account and tap the quora profile picture from the top bar and tap the username option

Step 2: Click on the topic options to access all the topics you are currently following

Step 3: Search through the topics carefully and  note down the topic(s)  you find irrelevant that you may be following

Step 4: Once you have identified those topics, hover to the left side of your screen and tap the following option. Once tapped, you have unfollowed the said topic.

Repeat the process to unfollow all other topics that you are not okay with.

Step 5: After you are done unfollowing the topics, you can now proceed to the search area of the quora platform.

Step 6: Search for any topic you like or that will interest you

Step 7: From the result provided by the search option, select the most interesting topics among others and tap the follow option.

You can follow as many as possible in order to have enough interesting topics in your feed.

Once you are done following the topics that interest you, and have unfollowed those not of interest to you, you have to wait for a couple of days to have these changes updated.

Probably after 5 – 7 days, you may start to see interesting topics in your feed whilst the uninteresting ones will seize to show or will be reduced to its minimum.

How to Reset Quora Feed to Stop Showing Uninterested Topics

In some instances, there might be a situation where your feed will still be showing a topic of interest, despite not following nor searching for it.

In this case, the best thing to do to stop such topic from showing in your feed is to mute the topic. By muting such topic(s), you wont be seeing any of its update anymore in your feed.

Steps to mute topics include:

Step 1: After you have login successfully to your quora account, hover to your feed section

Step 2: Select the particular topic and click on the 3 dotted image.

Step 3: From the option provided after clicking the 3 dots icon, look carefully and select mute.

By selecting the mute option, you have automatically sent message to Quora system to stop showing you anything related to the said topic.

Thus, you will not by notified on the topic you’ve muted, and your feed will not receive any information concerning the topic anymore.

Repeat the action several time if there are more than one topics that you want to stop seeing on your feed.

After you’ve successfully carried out this method, your feed should be reset to start showing topics that are interested to you.

Conclusively, as said earlier, there is no automatic way to reset quora feed, topic or interest. Should in case you notice any form of topic in your feed again that does not match your interest, do not hesitate to undergo this process to get them removed.

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