How to Pair AirPods With an Apple Watch

I’m guessing you’ve got a smartwatch and an AirPod however connecting these two seems a bit confusing to you. Well, this is a little guide on how to Pair AirPods with an Apple Watch. After the release of AirPods in December 2016, most Apple users have found this device handy. Some iPhone users hardly disconnect their iPhones from their AirPods. Some users even go to sleep with AirPods plugged in – although this isn’t safe and should be avoided. The AirPods are wireless Bluetooth devices that could be used to listen to music from a connecting device. Like the traditional wired earpiece, the AirPods can also be used to make and receive calls.

The Air pod 2 even added functionality for the “Hey Sire” command, wireless charging, and others. The apple’s AirPods can be seen as a box with features that places it on a higher scale of preference when compared to most earbuds. The Apple smartwatch, on the other hand, Apple watches are the biggest brand of smartwatches available on the market today. These watches have awesome fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities with integration with iOS and other Apple products and services. For the fitness lovers, you would agree the smartwatch is an awesome guy.

So you’ve got your smartwatch and an AirPod and you want to get calls coming into your smartwatch. Or you just want to keep abreast of the notifications on your smartwatch while focused on your activity. The following steps are your surest bet.

How to manually pair your AirPods with the Apple Watch 

If you’ve paired your devices before, you may not be needing this step. Anyways, if your AirPods don’t pair with your Apple Watch automatically, you can pair the devices manually below.

  • Insert your AirPods inside the charging case and close the case to make sure it’s properly fitted.
  • Now, open the lid of the charging case, without tampering with the AirPods inside.
  • Push the round button on the back of the charging case for about some seconds. Keep it pressed down until you see the status light start to flash.
  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app. You can do this by pressing the Digital Crown on the side of the watch (the nob like button), then tap on the gear-shaped icon.
  • Select “Bluetooth.”
  • “AirPods” should appear in the list if there’s anyone available. Tap on it. After a moment, it will move to the Devices section and display “Connected.”
  • You should be connected successfully

It is also necessary to note that after the initial connection of your AirPods to your apple watch, the two devices would connect in the future without your intervention.

How to verify if your AirPods is successfully paired with an Apple Watch

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your apple watch to reveal the Control Center. If you’re in an app, hold the bottom edge of the screen and drag up the Control Center pane with your finger.
  • Tap the AirPlay This is the small triangle with concentric circles on top.
  • Tap ‌AirPods‌.

Different Airpods released have minimum software requirements to ensure smooth running. For example, the 1st generation ‌AirPods‌ require a watchOS 3 or later. The 2nd generation ‌AirPods‌ require watchOS 5.2 or later and so on. To know your version of watchOS which your watch is running on, the following guide would help.

  • Open the “Watch” iOS app.
  • Select “My Watch”.
  • Tap onGeneral”
  • Tap on“About” and check the Version You should see the watchOS you’re running on.

If there’s an update available to your watch and it needs updating, you can download and install the new software by selecting My Watch navigating to General and clicking on Software Update. If there’s an available update and you’re connected, your update should download and install.

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