How to Opt Out of USPhoneBook

US Phone Book works as a data accumulator and broker that post your private information online. However, for some who had registered on the platform, they may later discover that their privacy has been sufficiently exposed online as a result of their registration on the platform and may thus want to opt out of it.

This tutorial will provide you the easy steps to opt out of USPhonebook whenever you desire to do so. However, in order to opt out of USPhoneBook, you must request to opt out online, which will be accomplished within 48 hours and your personal information removed from the platform.

US Phone Book, like other online data brokers, is engaged in aggregating, repackaging, sharing, or selling private information about an individual. It is indeed a very big business and could also expose your persona to anyone willing to meet the price put by these data brokerage platforms.

However, the individual has the power and right to perform a removal process that will delete all his previous information stored on the US Phone Book, so that his name or phone number will not come up in searches with possible additional details like his address, city, and so on.

USPhoneBook is a very popular directory with information from billions of records in relation to persons residing in the United States of America. The nature of the personal data and information found on www.usphonebook.com, the website of US Phone Book include names, phone numbers, business numbers, residential numbers, network providers of the listed phone numbers, relatives of the person, age and location of the phone number, as well as other details about the owner of the phone numbers.

Users input the 10-digit phone number they intend to search and the results show up with details about that number including the present and past owners (if any) of the number. The service provided by USPhoneBook can be very helpful in many situations, but it also has its downside which may warrant an individual to decide to expunge his record from the US Phone Book, so his number or personal details do not show up in searches on the platform.

Steps to opt out of USPhoneBook


The following steps will help you to easily opt out of USPhoneBook whenever you desire. When you have decided that you want to opt out of US Phone Book, you have to make an online request via the opt-out page of the US Phone Book website. Let us now describe the steps to enable you opt out of US Phone Book.

  1. Open the opt-out page of USPhoneBook via your browser. The correct address is https://www.usphonebook.com/opt-out.
  2. Choose any of the two search options available to search for your name or your phone number.
  3. Look at the result and tap or click the “This is me” button.
  4. Next, click the Remove My Record button once you have decided that indeed you intend to remove your particulars from the platform.
  5. Checkmark the box to establish that a robot is not running the process and answer the CAPTCHA prompt correctly.
  6. Give the system up to 48 hours (two days) and check again. Your record would have been expunged from US Phone Book by then.

Once you are able to successfully opt out of USPhoneBook, then your records will be removed from the billions of records in their repository, and your personal information will no longer show up in searches on the US Phone Book website.



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