How To Install YouTube Kids On Nintendo Switch

Wondering how to install YouTube Kids on Nintendo switch? Well, I doubt if you’re alone on this quest. An average parent understands that although their kids have to get the best of everything they want, there’s still a need for some restrictions. I as a person won’t want to walk into the living room and stumble on my 11-year-old watching Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda. To this end, there’s a need for restrictions.

The YouTube Kids app is the version of YouTube strictly for kids – and maybe if you love keeping up with your toons and stuffs like that. The app offers seamless protection of kids from the over 200 hours of non-kids friendly, non-adult content that gets uploaded to the platform every minute.

YouTube itself has a prohibition on adult content. However, it is agreeable that there are a hand full of thing out there that isn’t suitable for growing minds. This is just one reason why a parent would want to know how to install YouTube Kids on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo and is available in almost every region of the world. The hybrid console can be used as a home console and a portable device. which is a great device for any youngster. However, it somehow irks that this device doesn’t share one of the popular mobile operating systems. Making it somehow impossible to install the YouTube Kids app on it as the app is only available on Android and iOS devices. So, searching the app shop on your Nintendo Switch won’t do any good as you’ll only find the native YouTube app, but not YouTube Kids.

This isn’t the best piece of information you expected right? Understandable. But just before you get all worked up by this piece of information, there is a way to install YouTube kids on Nintendo switch. This involves installing the Android OS on the device’s SD card then getting the YouTube kids app installed on it. However, this method is just as efficient as doing nothing as you’ll agree your kids might not consider switching to Android anytime they need to watch a YouTube video. So, although you can install YouTube Kids on Nintendo Switch, It’s not effective until Nintendo decides to include the YouTube Kids app in the Switch store – which may take forever. So you should resort to other methods of limiting what your kids watch.

Parental Controls

Some time ago, I left tips on how to enable parental on both android and iOS devices. I guess it’s time we employed the same technique on other devices. So since we can’t find a way to install YouTube kids on the Nintendo Switch, it’s only fair to try other alternatives. Which brings us to the YouTube restricted mode features.

The Restricted Mode is an optional feature that can be used on YouTube to help screen out potentially mature content that you may prefer not to see or don’t want. The feature is available in-browser, on iOS and Android devices, and, of course, on the Nintendo Switch. When activated, it would prevent the user from accessing mature content. Here’s how to activate it.

  • Open the YouTube app on the Nintendo Switch from the Home screen. Navigate to the app’s icon, and press the A button on the controller.

  • Once the YouTube app opens, go to the left side of the screen and select the gear icon near the bottom. This should open the app settings.

  • From the Settings, locate Restricted mode and select it.

  • In the central part of the screen, you’ll find two options: On and Off. Simply select On to activate the restricted mode.

install YouTube Kids on Nintendo switch

Remember, the Restricted mode isn’t as sensitive as YouTube Kids. Although it reduces the exposure, it still relies on video titles and descriptions, metadata, community reviews, and similar content to decide if a video is age-appropriate. It is, however, far from perfect. Also, parents have different views regarding what’s appropriate or inappropriate for their children. Additionally, while the restricted mode is on, the user can’t see comments or add them.

Although the restricted mode is better than nothing, it isn’t the perfect YouTube content filter and your kids might find a way to turn it off. To be on the safe side and ensure your kid doesn’t gain access to inappropriate content on YouTube, it’s best not to allow them to install the app. Instead, get them a smartphone or tablet, install YouTube Kids on that device and retain the Switch for video games.

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