How to Install Android TV Apps From Your Phone

Isn’t it difficult to get access to apps you can’t find on the Google PlayStore? Have you ever wished downloading apps on your Andriod TV would be as easy as downloading them on your smartphone? If you have, then your wish has come to pass. Today, it’s now possible to install Android TV Apps directly from your mobile phone. Continue reading to learn how to install Android TV apps from your phone.

Google recently added a major upgrade to their Andriod TV which makes it easy for Andriod TV users to be able to install apps on their Android TV. This means that as an Andriod TV user, you’ll be able to get access to more apps you previously were unable to or found difficult to get.

Is this a new Google feature? On the contrary, it’s not. It’s similar to the way Google allows Wear OS users to be able to remotely install apps into wear OS devices provided that the device is connected to your account. This feature was rolled out or announced for Wear OS devices during Google’s I/O (Input/Output) event in May 2021.

It’s really great that Google decided to roll out this feature to Andriod TVs as well knowing how difficult it is to navigate PlayStore using your remote control in order to install the apps you want to install. This feature was first used by a Reddit user named avigi and it did look quite easy to use. When you use your Andriod TV to access Google PlayStore, there’s a new option that lets you install your app using your smartphone. A drop-down menu is revealed when you click on the install button which lets you choose an Andriod TV connected to your account, from there, you can get the app up and running.

How to Install an APK on an Android TV

Enough of the chitchat, I’m sure you can wait to gain information about how to install Android TV apps from your phone. Hence, we’ll be diving into it straight away.

How to Install Android TV Apps from your Phone

As I earlier mentioned, before you’ll be able to use this feature or learn how to install Android TV apps from your phone, you must ensure that your Andriod TV and your smartphone are connected to the same Google account. If they are connected to different Google accounts, you can go ahead and change that now. Done that? Now let’s look at how to install Android TV apps from your phone.

  • Unlock your Andriod device and tap on the Google PlayStore app.
  • Using the search bar found at the top of your screen, filter through thousands of apps on the PlayStore to find the app you want to install on your Android TV. As an example, you can try searching for the Disney+ app.
  • PlayStore will reveal a single option or a list of apps depending on the app you want to install on your Andriod TV. Go ahead and tap on the required app.
  • Tapping on the App will redirect you to a page where you’ll see the Install button with a small drop-down arrow beside it.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow. There you’ll find all the devices registered on your Google App that are eligible to install the app.
  • From the list of options available, tap on your Andriod TV and then tap on install.

When you do this, you’ll see the app being installed on your Andriod TV as long as they are both connected to the same network.

There you have it! That’s how to install Android TV apps from your phone. You can choose to use to method or if you prefer the old method, then you can continue to install apps directly from your Andriod TV, it’s left for you to decide. Additionally, you can also sideload apps you can’t find on the PlayStore from third-party apps if you are not concerned about your safety and data privacy otherwise it’s advisable not to sideload apps you can’t find on Google PlayStore.

Is this feature available on all Andriod TVs?

Sadly the answer is no. Right now, Google is rolling out the feature to more and more Andriod TVs. What does that mean? It means that if the feature is not available on your Andriod TV at this very moment, you may be able to use the feature in the new future.

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