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How to Hard Reset or Force Restart your Apple watch

Having drinks with a friend on Friday when he brought to my notice that an app on his Apple watch had crashed and the force quit wasn’t working. I quickly suggested he tried restarting the device and I was surprised when he said he didn’t know how to get it done. Although I was surprised, I still understand that not everyone has to be gadget enlightened. Due to this, I decided to pen down how to Hard Reset or Force Restart your Apple watch. Just in case you find yourself in a position where your Apple watch stops working or the live data transfer between your iPhone and ‌Apple Watch‌ seems inconsistent. The first and easiest solution is to reset or force restart your ‌Apple Watch‌, which is a way of turning it off and on again. If the error persists, you can then seek some tech support.

How to Force Restart your ‌Apple Watch‌

In the event of your Apple Watch getting stuck or becoming unresponsive, your first point of call should be to restart it. Restarting your Apple watch can’t be done while the watch is charging. So, to restart an ‌Apple Watch‌ that is charging, you’ll need to un-dock it first before attempting the following steps.

  1. Tap and hold the “side button” until three options including the “Power Off” shows up on the screen. The other options should be the Medical ID and Emergency SOS.
  2. Swipe the “Power Off” slider across the screen with your finger to turn off your Apple watch.
  3. Once the Watch‌ has turned off, press and hold the “side button” once again until you see the Apple logo. Wait for your smartwatch to complete the booting process. You’ve successfully restarted your Apple watch.

However, If restarting your smartwatch didn’t solve your issue, you can try a force restart on your ‌Apple Watch‌. Although this should only be your last resort after restarting it didn’t work.

How to Hard Reset/force restart Your Apple Watch

If you’ve tried restarting your apple watch without getting a solution to the problem you’re encountering, try to force restart it. Additionally, avoid attempting a force restart if your ‌Apple Watch‌ is in the middle of an OS update. If there’s a watchOS update running on your device, you’ll see the Apple logo and progress wheel. If your device isn’t on an update, do the following.

  1. Press and hold the “side button” and “Digital Crown” simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.
  2. The Apple logo should show after a while. Once you see the Apple logo, you can let go of the “side button” and “Digital Crown”.

Remember to only use the force restart if your Apple Watch didn’t respond to the regular restart procedure.


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