How to use FaceTime on Android

Never has it been heard that Apple has any sort of connection with Android. This is true because before this time Apple has always been exclusive especially when it relates to the products and services they offer, probably to dissuade their users from thinking of changing brands. But all that is about to change,  during the showcasing of the brand new iOS 15 (June 7th – June 11th) at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple announced that it was now possible to make a FaceTime call between an Apple device and an Android device. That is why, in today’s guide, I’ll be teaching you how to FaceTime on Android.

During the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced a lot of features that’ll be coming to Apple users operating on iOS 15. For instance, one of the features that were introduced during the conference was the SharePlay feature (a watch party feature) that enables you to watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, podcasts, etc. With friends and family.

On iOS 15, there is also a new grid view option, you can blur your background using portrait mode, a voice isolation feature that improves your sound quality and spatial audio support, and a host of other new features. But for the sake of today’s guide, I’ll be focusing solely on teaching you how to FaceTime on Android.

Before we dive into learning the steps required to enable you to FaceTime on Android, there are a few things you should note about FaceTime for Android.

What you should know about FaceTime for Android

Before you get all jittery about FaceTime for Android, it should interest you to know that it does come with some limitations. These limitations are:

  • You can’t make a FaceTime call using an Android device, you can only receive a FaceTime call.
  • You can’t make a FaceTime call with another Android rather you can only receive a FaceTime call from a relative or friend that owns an Apple device that supports FaceTime.
  • To be able to make a FaceTime call, you are required to own an Apple device and an Apple account.

These are limitations involved with using FaceTime on Android. As I promised, without further ado, let’s dive into the subject matter “how to FaceTime on Android”.

How to FaceTime on Android

Now you have become accustomed to the drawbacks of using FaceTime for Android. If you still want to try out this cool feature on your Android device, follow the set of instructions outlined below to learn how to FaceTime on Android.

  • Open the FaceTime app on your iPad or iPhone device.
  • Two options are made available. You can either select Create Link or New FaceTime. Tap on Create Link.
  • FaceTime will no generate a link that will be made visible under the Upcoming section. Copy the generated link by tapping on the “I” icon next to the generated FaceTime link.
  • Now, you can either share the link or delete the link. Tap on Share Link.
  • Select your preferred medium through which the link will be shared to your Android device. You can either use mail, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other medium you prefer.

Once the link has been sent. The other party (Android User) will receive the link through the medium it was through. The next set of instructions will be carried out on an Android device.

  • Tap on the FaceTime link you just received on your Android device.
  • Tapping on the link redirects you to a page where you’d have to input your name on the name bar provided. Input your name and tap on Continue.
  • Now tap on the Join button found at the top right corner of the screen.

Once you do this, this will send a notification to the iPhone or iPad user who created the link. You can’t join the call immediately even after the link has been created and sent to you because Facetime calls are end-to-end encrypted.

The iPhone user will receive a notification showing your name and asking whether or not the user would like to join the call and the Android user on the other hand would see Waiting to be let in at the bottom of the screen.

The iPhone user will now have to tap on the check button and once that happens the FaceTime call will be successfully initiated between the Android device and the FaceTime supported Apple device (iPhone or iPad).


If you followed the steps diligently, you’d realize that you have learnt how to FaceTime on Android and wouldn’t have any issue receiving a FaceTime call from family and friends. In as much as you can only receive FaceTime calls on Android devices, we only hope that with future updates Apple will let the Android community be able to make calls also when using the FaceTime application.

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