How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Desktop

First announced at its annual F8 conference back in 2019, Facebook earlier this week announced that its new desktop/PC design that brings dark mode, tabbed home screen and a cleaner profile is now rolling out to a number of users on PC. The all-new, but important design, when it becomes default later this year will replace Facebook’s current usual bright, white interface with black and shades of gray. It’s a small change, but an important one which advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Facebook dark mode for desktop

Just so we set the record straight, the new Facebook Dark Mode for PC gives you a smarter, more stylish way to browse through your news feed. Beyond the look even, the FacebooK Dark mode for Desktop also cut down of the glare when you’re using the app after dark, making for a more comfortable social experience. This is all-important for a good sleep and the health of your visual system. While all that bothers on your comfort and health, experts say the new Facebook Dark mode for the web is also beneficial to your phone’s battery, too. The consensus is that Pixel color has a huge effect on how long your battery could last. While brighter pixel is known to consume more battery power, while black pixel consumes less. TO make it clear, a recent survey revealed that switching to dark mode can extend your iPhone’s battery life by 30 percent, so a switch from Facebook current white interface to the latest and darker interface could help your mobile devices last noticeably longer between chargers.

How to enable Facebook dark mode for desktop

The question in your mind right now is how do I activate the Facebook Dark mode? How do i switch in Facebook dark mode for PC? As per Facebook’s announcement, the Dark mode is right now available for everyone, though not by default. Users will have to manually activate, enable or opt-in to turn on the redesign before it becomes the default for everyone later this year.

At first, you will be prompted with an update informing you of the new Web interface that brings the Dark mode. We got the pop-up update. You can choose to dismiss the update or click on it to get the new Dark Mode on.

If you do not get the pop up to switch to New Facebook Dark mode, attached here is a video demonstrating how you can simply switch on the new mode, otherwise, you can read on for instructions on how to switch on the new exciting interface.

locate the Settings drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner on your current Facebook white interface.

Click the drop-down arrow

Click on Switch to new Facebook to take you to the redesigned model

On the new interface, you will see the toggle option to switch to “dark mode”

How to disable Facebook dark mode for desktop

For now, the new Dark mode isn’t activated by default, so you can still opt-in and opt-out. To disable it, users can return and hit “Switch to Classic Facebook.”

Facebook dark mode



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