How to delete LinkedIn account

Why do you want to delete your LinkedIn account? We all know that data privacy is a thing of the past. Social networking companies now hawk user data from one buyer to another who use our data in product design, marketing strategy, stock trading, machine learning algorithms, facial recognition programming, and politics. Even black-hat hackers collect data from these platforms to blackmail or swindle users. If you are looking to delete your LinkedIn account and you don’t know how to go about it, this article will show you step by step how to delete a LinkedIn account in less than 10 minutes. Load up LinkedIn, and let’s get started.

How to Delete Your LinkedIn Account :

Deleting your account means you will lose all your posts and everything you have done on that account. Unlike Facebook that gives you a 21 days grace period, as soon as you delete your account, LinkedIn logs you out, and you lose access to the profile. This article also explains how to hibernate or pause your LinkedIn account, If you feel you need to take a break from LinkedIn for a while. With that said, let’s jump right in and learn how to delete your LinkedIn account.


Now, to delete your LinkedIn account, simply:

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    • log in to your LinkedIn profile,


    • Go to the top of the page, at the right-hand corner,


    • Click the drop-down arrow under your profile icon. You will see a drop-down menu displayed on the screen.


    • Check for Settings and Privacy: the third menu on the drop-down list after the view profile menu.


    • Click on settings and privacy.


    • A new page would load up on the screen with several settings options. At the top of the new page, you will see A bold header that says “How LinkedIn Uses Your data.” Below the header, you will see a list of options to change your preferred settings.


    • Look to the left side of the screen, and you will find a navigation list labeled account preferences.


    • Within account preferences, click on Account Management, the sixth item on the navigation menu. It would auto-scroll down to Account Management options.


    • Within account management, you will find three options to choose from: Merge accounts, Hibernate accounts, and close accounts.


    • Click on Close account. You need to downgrade your account before you can delete your account if you run a premium account.


    • If you click on close account, from your premium account, It will load a new page that leads you through the delete process. Click on the downgraded account on the new page, and then follow the procedure as explained.


    • If you also have your account associated with groups or products you created, you would need to delete the groups before you delete the group.


    • If you run a free account or you downgrade your account, when you click on the close account option, it will load a new page that mentions your name that reads; “sorry to see you go.”


    • Click on the continue button on the screen. A new page would load up asking you why you want to close your account.


    • Choose the options that best represent your reason and click on the Next button. It would load a page requesting you to enter your password.


    • Enter your password to close your account.


    • Tick the box below your password.


    • Click on done to complete the process. A new page would load to inform you that LinkedIn has successfully closed your account.



This is how to delete your LinkedIn account. Let’s dive into the second option.


How to hibernate or Pause your LinkedIn Account

If you are only looking to go off LinkedIn for a while, you can pause your LinkedIn account instead of deleting it. The process is quite similar to how to delete your LinkedIn account, except for a slight difference.

To hibernate or Pause your LinkedIn Account;

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    • Follow the steps outlined in how to delete your LinkedIn account. However, instead of clicking on close account, click on hibernate account. You would have to delete groups or products before you can hibernate.


    • Follow the procedure above, and instead of clicking on close, click on hibernate.


    • After you click on hibernate. You will see a page asking you why you want to hibernate your account,


    • Choose the options that explain your reasons the best, and then enter your comment.


    • Click on next


    • Once you click on next, it will deactivate your account for some time.





Getting off linked in can be a little technical because they hid deep the process in the settings. LinkedIn, like every other social networking platform, doesn’t want to lose your data. They will do everything they can to keep you on their platform. It explains the rigorous process involved in deleting your LinkedIn account. However, if you follow the steps outlined above, you will deactivate your LinkedIn account successfully. Once this activity executes, you cannot log in again. If you hibernate your account, you will get the chance to log in after a while. Now you know how to delete your LinkedIn account. But before you follow this process, make sure you want to delete your LinkedIn account because the action is irreversible.


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