How to Create and Add Polling to Zoom Meetings

So I’m guessing you’ll love to know how to create polls in zoom meetings. It’s an indisputable fact that the benefits of running a poll can never be overemphasized. Especially in gatherings where vital decisions need to be made. Zoom is an online video communications app that allows its users to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, online meetings, live chats, screen sharing, etc. Currently, most online business meetings are done on the zoom platform. So let’s say you’re having a meeting with your friends or having a board meeting on the Zoom platform. At some point, there’s an agreement for something to be done for the group. However, everyone’s opinion has to count before the decision is sealed. A poll would be required to make the process easy and hassle-free. Sadly, you may not know how to create polls in zoom meetings. Following this guide, you’ll be able to create and add polls to zoom.

Before we start dealing steps, it is necessary to note that there are some requirements for you to create and add polling to Zoom meetings. Firstly, you need to be the host and a licensed user. Also, you can only create polls for scheduled meetings or for instant meetings where you use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI). Participants of the poll can be on any platform of their choice however, the host must be on a desktop client.

How to Enable Polling for Zoom Meetings

To create a poll in any zoom meeting, you’ll need to enable the polling option first. To do this;

  • Sign in to Zoom profile on a web browser.
  • Go to “Account Settings”.
  • Expand the “Account Management” In the “Admin” group of the left-hand pane.
  • You should be in the “Meeting” tab. Scroll down to “Polling” option. It’s nearly halfway down the screen. Switch the toggle to the right to enable polling.

After enabling polling, you can now create your polls.

How to Create polls in Zoom Meetings

Since creating polls can only be done in scheduled meetings, you’ll need to do this before a meeting starts. After the meeting starts, creating a poll is impossible. To create a poll in a scheduled meeting, do the following.

  • On the Zoom web portal, select the “Meetings” tab on the left pane.
  • Select an already scheduled meeting from your meeting list or schedule a new meeting.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page till you find a box indicating “you have not created a poll yet”. Click on the “Add” button beside it.
  • The “Add A Poll” window should appear. Give your poll a name then decide if the answers should be anonymous or not using the checkbox. Ticking the checkbox would make the results you’ll see after the poll as a “Guest” answered the question instead of the actual user’s ID.
  • Next, add your statement or question (not more than 255 characters).
  • Determine if it would be single or multiple-choice answers using the radio button.
  • After that, type the available answers. You can add up to 10 answers for each question.
  • You can add multiple questions to the poll by selecting “Add A Question” at the bottom of the window, and repeating the processes above.
  • Once you’re done, click on “Save.”

Voila! you’ve successfully created your poll and you can launch it when the Zoom meeting is on.

Start Your Poll During the Zoom Meeting

Once a Zoom meeting has started, you can’t run a poll you’ve not created except it is a private meeting. However, if you’ve created a poll, you’re ready to launch the poll.

  • Select “Polls” from the base icons of the meeting window. It should be in the middle.
  • The “Polls” window should appear. Review the questions and answers. You can click on “Edit” at the top-right-hand corner of the window to make adjustments.
  • Click on the “Launch Polling” button when you’re satisfied.
  • You’ll be able to see the polling results in real-time. Once everyone has voted, select “End Polling.”
  • The poll results would be displayed in real-time. You can also share the results of the poll with the attendees or relaunch the polling.

Note: you could easily go back and view the polling results at a later time. Select the meeting in the “Previous Meetings” tab from the web portal. Select “Poll Report” next to the “Report type” option, and generate the report. You would then view the results from past meetings.

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