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Here’s how to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook sometime last week rolled out a new group video chat feature that is apparently aimed at the likes of the popular  Zoom, Skype, and of course the Microsoft Teams, as people around the World practice social distancing. Named Facebook Messenger Rooms, the new Video chat feature is integrated into the Facebook app for mobile and the desktop site, so you can join a room from your phone or computer without downloading any separate app for PC or mobile. However, the feature isn’t available to everyone just yet, Instead, Facebook says users around the World will begin to receive the new Messenger Rooms feature as an update in the coming weeks. But before the feature gets a wider roll-out, here is a detailed tip on how to create Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Before we take you through on how to create Facebook Messenger Rooms, here are a few things you should know about the new Group Video chat feature. First off, Facebook Messenger Room allows for a maximum of 50 participants to hook up in a Video chat. What is more, the room creator or admin can creator can decide whether it’s open chose to make it open to all or lock it to prevent uninvited guests from joining. More interesting is the fact that one can join a Messenger Room chat even without having a Facebook account. And to bust your bubble, the new Room also allows you to customize your conferencing background similar to Skype and Zoom’s latest Virtual background features.

While you are entitled to just 40 minutes on the free version of ZOOM, the Messenger Room comes with no time limit on how long you can host a room, at least for the now, as we aren’t sure if there will be a paid version when it fully rolls out.

Here’s how to create Facebook Messenger Rooms

  1. Fire up your Messenger App ensuring that you are running the most recent version to access the new feature.
  2. Then go into the app and on the Chats page, there will be a new “Create Room” button. Click on this.
  3. Then you can set the activity for the room, such as studying, the privacy settings of who can discover it, and a time for it to start later if you need it.
  4. Go to the Invite page to click on who can attend, and then send an invite to whoever you wish to join in.
  5.  How do you get in those without a Facebook account? Simply copy and share the link with them, while it also possible to share the link to your News Feed, Groups, and Events.

How concerned should you be about Facebook’s Rooms Privacy?

Facebook in a press release said it has been “very careful” and tried to “learn the lessons” from issues with other video conference tools in recent months. However, the Rooms offer users some sort of controls including the ability to control who sees your room, ability to lock or unlock it. It is also worth noting that Facebook doesn’t watch or listen to your audio or video calls wither you participate as a guest or registered Facebook user. And while all call participants see or hear everything you share or say in the Room, they, however, won’t gain any greater access to your profile or information in other parts of Facebook. Continue reading for for few more tips you should know about Facebook Messenger Rooms.

  • Locking: Rooms can be locked or unlocked once a call begins. If a room is locked, no one else can join, except a Group admin for rooms created through a Group.
  • Removing a participant: Only the room creator can remove any unwanted participants. If the room creator removes someone from the call or leaves, the room will lock automatically and the room creator must unlock the call for others to join.
  • Leaving: Anyone is at liberty to leave a Room whether locked or not
  • Reporting: You can report a room name or submit feedback about a room if you believe it violated our Community Standards. But since we don’t watch or listen to your audio or video calls, it’s important to know that reports and feedback will not include audio or video from the room.
  • Blocking: You can block someone on Facebook or Messenger who may be bothering you and we won’t inform them. When someone you’ve blocked is logged into Facebook or Messenger, they won’t be able to join a room you’re in and you won’t be able to join theirs.

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