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Here’s what will be available on HBO Max when it launches on 27th May

HBO is an American premium television network owned by Home Box Office, Inc., a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. The entertainment giant confirmed the launch of HBO max on 27th May (Children’s Day) in a press release on 21st April. HBO Max is set to be American subscription, video-on-demand streaming service owned and managed by WarnerMedia Entertainment, a division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. Ay launch, the service will be limited to the US, while it will expand to more regions beginning with Latin America and Europe.

How much will HBO Max cost?

There is so much to be exclusively added to the HBO max which should be the reason behind it being more expensive as compared to its competitors. HBO Max is to cost $15 a month which is more expensive compared to the $7 a month for Disney Plus and $9 a month for Netflix’s cheapest plan. At the moment, a pre-order can cut a discount of $3 off its monthly price for the first year.

How to Pre-order HBO Max

On the HBO Max website, the service is offering $12 monthly subscriptions to HBO Max for the first 12 months for users signing up before its launch date. The official launch date is May 27th, and to avail yourself of the $3discou t, rush now to to signup. Sequel to HBO Max, we had the HBO Now and HBO’s traditional channel on a lot of pay-tv providers. This brings about the question of “What will be available on HBO Max when it launches on 27th May”.


Yes, you read that right! What will be available on HBO Max when it launches on 27th May? Considering it’s more expensive than other platforms rendering the same services. What does HBO Max plan to offer its users?

Following trends and publications on the streaming service, HBO Max would have more content than HBO Now or the regular channel.

Popular reruns like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. An originals series that’ll stream exclusively on HBO Max. For a fact, an aired snippet showed actress Anna Kendrick in Love Life.

Another anthology series produced by Kendrick and Paul Feig shows one character per season through a new romantic relationship with each episode.

The Flight Attendant, a drama series in which a flight attendant wakes up in a hotel room with a dead man.

Love Life; the documentary film On the Record, which is probably best known for being controversial considering Oprah Winfrey and Apple’s dissociation from the program.

Legendary; which happens to be a series for an underground ballroom dance competition.

“Do It Yourself” shows like Craftopia which is hosted by LaurDIY a YouTuber, as well as new Looney Tunes cartoons; and Sesame Workshop’s The Not Too Late Show with Elmo are all part of the so-called six so-called Max Originals that will be available at launch.

At launch, HBO Max said it will have 10,000 hours of content to stream, and that includes the six Max original and all the shows and movies on HBO.

HBO Max Originals – only at launch

  • Love Life, the comedy with Kendrick
  • On the Record, the controversial documentary film
  • Legendary, about underground ballroom dance 
  • Craftopia, the YouTuber-hosted craft series
  • New Looney Tunes cartoons
  • The Not Too Late Show with Elmo 

And if all go as planned, the service will roll out more original later in summer and fall to include;

  • The Flight Attendant, starring and executive produced by Kaley Cuoco based on the novel by Chris Bohjalian
  • The Friends unscripted cast reunion special
  • New original episodes of the DC property Doom Patrol
  • A new season of mystery comedy Search Party
  • Expecting Amy, a three-part docuseries about comedian Amy Schumer’s life on tour creating a standup special during her pregnancy
  • Sci-fi epic Raised by Wolves from the director and executive producer Ridley Scott. The 10-episode series focuses on two androids raising human children on a mysterious planet. The show had already wrapped production in South Africa.
  • The adult animated comedy Close Enough, from J.G. Quintel that looks at the surreal life of a millennial family living with roommates
  • Adventure Time: Distant Lands-BMO, which is the first of four specials resurrecting Cartoon Network’s franchise Adventure Time

The company is practically investing billions into its budgets for original programming. According to the earlier press release by HBO, its Max service will be available on a “very wide array of devices,” including phones, tablets, the web, connected TVs, and game consoles.  Though recently, the company began to specify the exact devices it would support.

HBO Max supported devices

These devices include most Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD. However, customers with second- and third-generation Apple TV models would have to stream the HBO Max content from their iPhones or iPad to their TV using AirPlay.

Google’s Android operating system for phones and tablets would equally have an app as well. Of course, the Android TV devices, Chromebooks, Google Chromecast, and Chromecast built-in devices won’t be left out of the support from HBO Max.

Now you know what will be available on HBO Max when it launches on 27th May, are you interested in the HBO Max? The easiest way to get HBO Max is to sign up for it directly at It’s good to note that you’ll be able to watch and pay for HBO Max through AT&T, DirecTV, Charter (also known as Spectrum), YouTube TV, Google, Apple, and Hulu. Some HBO users who already have a running HBO subscription will get Max included for no extra cost. Although, not every HBO customer gets the automatic upgrade.

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