How to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

It is officially confirmed. Google in a blog post today confirmed it will be retiring its Play Music service this year. That sounds like bad news for music lovers, but the good news is that Google is killing the Google Play Music with YouTube Music making it Google’s only streaming music service. Google already started replacing the default music player app on Android devices with the Yube Music players for devices running Android 10 OS, and now, Google has rolled out a tool to ensure you have a seamless transition from Play Music to Youtube Music.

Using the “transfer” option available in the Youtube Music app, users will be able to move their libraries, personal taste preferences, and playlists to the newer YouTube Music service in a seamless manner. Current Google Play Music users will be alerted via an email of the new Transfer option with detailed instructions on how to change from Google Play Music to the new Youtube Music.

It is worth noting that the transfer can be done using an Android device, iPhone, or from the web. And what is more, the process remains the same irrespective of your mobile OS. To transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music, Google recommends that you download and install the latest version of the Youtube Music App on Your device.

How to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music via  Mobile App

To transfer your data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music via your Android or ios APP, simply take the few steps highlighted below.
  1. Click open your YouTube Music App – Android or iOS- depending on your device
  2. Ignore the YouTube Music Premium advert pop-u if any
  3. Tap on “Let’s Go”  just below the “Transfer your Play Music library” on the main screen
  4. You can also head straight to the App setting where you will see the “Transfer from Google Play Music” option
  5. Google is rolling out the feature to users in phase, so you will only notice the option 2 and 3 above if it is already available to you, otherwise you might have to check back
  6. If available, Tap on “Let’s Go.”
  7. You are then presented with a screen with a list of all items that will be migrated with your account
  8. Hit “Start Transfer” at the bottom to start the transfer or hit “Not Now option if you do not wish to initiate the transfer.
  9. If you tap on the Start button, you will see a continuing “transferring your Google Play Music library” status bar at the top of YouTube Music. That should last until your entire account is migrated from the Play Music to YoutubeMusic.
  10. When the transfer is complete, you’ll receive both a notification in the app and an email confirming that you’re all set

How to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music via a Web browser

The transfer process can equally be initiated via a web browser both on mobile and desktop browsers. Google has a video that explains that process, but not to worry, it can be done with just a few taps.

  1. Visit https://music.youtube.com/transfer
  2. Click Transfer to immediately begin the transfer

Now you have successfully migrated your entire Google Music account including uploads, profile and playlists over to Youtube Music. Do note that your subscriptions and episode progress for those who listen to podcasts on Play Music will not be migrated. Instead, Google has also provided a tool to facilitate the transfer from Google Play Music.

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