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Google Pixel 5 XL Alleged Render Showcases Oddly-Designed Rear Camera Setup

Rumors and leaks about Google’s next anticipated mid-range phone -the Google Pixel 4a have been making the rounds for quite some time now. So we do know a few things about the anticipated device. But while the device has yet to be made official or even confirmed, words about Google’s next flagship device – the Google Pixel 5 XL have now also surfaced on the web.

It’s still about 8 months until the Pixel 5 XL expected to launch, and given that the leaks are now beginning to pour in, the Pixel 5 might end up being one of the most talked-about flagship devices of the year, following last week launch of the Galaxy S20 series.

Today, thanks to a leaked render shared by YouTube channel Front Page Tech we got our very first look at what Google Pixel 5 XL may look like. While the render looks suspicious, the channel reveals that the render is a CAD render for a prototype Google Pixel 5 that might be released later this year. We say suspicious because the rear design looks weird, though one that has never featured in any device.

It further reveals that the software giant cum phone maker is at the moment working on two other two prototypes featuring square camera bumps similar to what’s on the Pixel 4. So in all, Google’s design team is currently testing out three designs, so the prototype seen below might not be the final product.

Google Pixel 5 xl

While the design looks odd, it seems Google is all out to fix one of the issues with the Pixel 4 – the lack of an ultra-wide camera. With the design, there is room for an additional ultra-wide-angle camera which makes sense.

The render gives us no idea what the display front will look like. However, we will be on the lookout for more details in the coming weeks.



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