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Google Pixel 4 will have a face unlock like Apple’s FaceID, and Motion sense

Software giant turned phone maker Google for the first time back in June came out of its shell when it released the first official image of the Google Pixel 4. The device still doesn’t have a launch date, but it appears the brand is keen on sharing some details even before its final unveiling later in October.

Through last month teaser, we got to know the Google Pixel 4 will get a square camera array on the rear panel. The firm has yet to release images showcasing the front of the device, but we already have a clue, all thanks to a video teaser from the firm. Google in the early hours of Monday released a teaser that demoed some of what its forthcoming phone will be able to do, including hands-free radar-based gesture controls and face unlock similar to Apple’s FaceID.

Pixel 4 Soli

Essentially, Google’s latest teaser confirms one of our earlier suspicions: the Google Pixel 4 will get “Motion Sense,” courtesy of a Project Soli chip that uses radar to detect hand gestures near the phone. This allows user control/navigate the device using hand gestures. In the official teaser video, Google showed off switching tracks using hand swipes, though it also maintained you will be able to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand.

Google Pixel 4 Face unlock

Not only that, but Google via a blog post also confirms that it won’t go with the water-drop or punch hole trend, but will instead retain the huge bezels above the display. The bezel will be there for good reasons, however. It will house the Soli sensor, as well as a single front camera. Beyond these, the top bezel is also home to a dot projector and infrared sensors that work in a manner similar to Apple’s Face ID. With this, Google has essentially confirmed it has opted for a Face Unlock feature, rather than a fingerprint scanner – a punch on the Note 10 from Samsung which launches next week with a rear fingerprint scanner.

Face Unlock works in all orientation

Google says the Pixel 4 with the dot projector and infrared sensors in unison with Soli sensor will be able to “proactively turn on the face unlock sensors” as you reach for the Pixel. What is more, the Face Unlock is not limited by any orientation. It works even if you’re holding it upside down—and you can use it for secure payments and app authentication too.

Security of your data is paramount to Google too, hence the Pixel 4 uses Titan M security chip for privacy and safe-keeping. The firm in the blog post says all Soli and facial recognition data will be processed on your device, and with the images, it uses “never saved or shared with other Google services.”

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