How to Fix Zoom Error Code 3038, 103033, 1142

Zoom is an online tool that enables people to communicate with one another, hold meetings, etc, via a video call or a voice call. Just like every other app, you’ll find in the market today, Zoom also does have its share of bugs (errors). In today’s guide, I’ll be teaching you how to fix Zoom error code 3038, 103033, 1142.

Zoom is a software application that could be prone to several connectivity errors and server problems. You may experience some errors while using the Zoom mobile app and you may be tempted to think that using the desktop will save you from those troubles and even that may not be entirely true and there are problems you may still encounter while using the desktop app. And even those accessing Zoom via the Web are not exempted.

During a Zoom meeting, some of you may have encountered error codes 3038, 103033, and 1142. And just like every other person when faced with a problem you sought a fix, which has led you to this blog site. Lucky for you, at the end of this blog post, you’ll learn several ways to go about fixing those error codes. Continue reading to learn how to fix Zoom error code 3038, 103033, 1142.

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 3038, 103033, 1142

The Zoom error code 3038, usually comes with the error message “The Zoom Meeting has been expired.” This simply means that the webinar or meeting token that you are trying to use in order to gain access to the meeting has expired.

The Zoom error code 103033, usually comes with the error message “Your webinar host has been denied or rejected your email.” This means that the host of the Zoom meeting you are trying to gain access to has rejected the email address. Sometimes, you may see the error message “Leave Meeting: The meeting has a problem.” You can still experience this error message if you are being rejected by the host or it’s possible that there may be an unknown server problem that triggers the error and it depends on your device.

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The Zoom error code 1142 usually comes with the error message “Unable to join the Meeting. This meeting is not accessible from (Name of Country) at this time (Error code: 1142).” This error code is trying to tell you that the meeting you want to gain access to, is not available in your country, in other words, it is restricted to a certain audience.

Now you know what these error codes stand for and what they also mean, what’s left would be how to fix those error codes.

Procedure 1: Confirm from your host if the Zoom Token is correct

Ensure that the Zoom token you are using is the right one issued by your host and you can do this by contacting the host of that Zoom call or meeting and request for a valid Zoom Token. Now check, if there is any difference between the Zoom token you just received and the one you already had. If there is a difference, try connecting to the meeting. Note, you may have to ask the host to accept you when you want to enter the Zoom video conference.

If there is no difference and you are still experiencing the same error code, proceed to the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Restart your Zoom

You can do this by exiting the Zoom app if you are using the app version or exit the Zoom website for the Web version. Wait for at least 3 minutes before trying to access Zoom again via the app or website. Now check if you now have access to the Zoom call.

If you do, congratulations! If you are still experiencing the same problem, proceed to the third procedure.

Procedure 3: Try a VPN or Proxy Server

This procedure is mainly for those who are experiencing the Zoom error code 1142 that is being restricted from a meeting because of their location. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you cloak your address so that you can’t be easily traced. What does this mean? It simply means that with a VPN you appear on the Internet from any country of your choice. Hence, for the error code, find the country where the meeting is geo-locked to and then connect your VPN to any server in that country and try gaining access to the meeting again. This time you shouldn’t have issues connecting to the meeting. Read – 7 Best Android Browsers With Built-in VPN

If you still have problems connecting to the meeting then, it’s not a location problem. Proceed to the next step.

Procedure 4: Delete and Redownload the Zoom app

You may be experiencing the error probably because you are using an outdated version of the Zoom app. Hence, reinstalling the Zoom app will update your app’s version. Before you do this, uninstall the app, then head to Play Store for Android users while Apple users will head to Apple Store. Redownload the app and check if the error has been fixed and you can now have access to the meeting.

If you are still being denied access, proceed to the step.

Procedure 5: Contact Zoom Customer Support

If you have tried all the procedures above and nothing seems to work for you, then you should contact the Zoom customer support team and report the issue you are currently facing. To contact Zoom support tap or click here and you’ll be redirected to their support center. Upon arrival, click or tap on Contact Support to lay your complaint.


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