How to fix Vizio TV black screen of death

This article centers on fixing Vizio TV black screen issue. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do when you experience BSOD (Vizio TV Black Screen of Death).

What could be more annoying than switching on your tv to stream your favorite show only to discover that the tv would not come up? Some Vizio users have reported that they experience the scenario that is termed Vizio TV black screen of death. The black screen of death happens to TVs because of several underlying reasons. Before we delve into fixing the Vizio Black screen of death, let us take some time to look briefly at what it is, what causes it, and finally, we will look at how to fix it.


What is Vizio TV black screen of death? 

Vizio black screen of death (BSOD) is a situation where your Vizio TV refuses to display anything on the screen even when you turn on the TV. This condition happens most times when you try to turn on your TV using your remote control. Most users may become disturbed because of this experience. They may wonder if this situation results from bigger issues or that their TV is totally damaged. There is no need to worry. There are some basic steps you can take to resolve the issue.

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What causes Vizio TV’s black screen of death?

The best-known cause of Vizio TV black screen of death is a problem with the power supply board. This problem is common to most panel-based TV. However, the power challenges are not the only problems that Vizio and other TVs encounter. Although on some rare occasions, the Black screen of death may result from a more complicated challenge that would require you to call in expert help.

The HDMI cable or pot might have issues and would not send data to your screen. At other times, the backlight of the screen may be broken, and therefore the pixels on the screen are not being displayed. However, if the Black screen of death (BSOD) results from minor causes, the tips below should do the trick.


How to fix Vizio tv Black screen of death

This article centers on solving the black screen problem of Vizio TV. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do when you experience BSOD (Vizio Black Screen of Death).

  1. The first step is to turn off your TV.
  2. Unplug it from the power source (socket or any source you use).
  3. You may have a power button on the body of your Vizio TV (depending on the model you have). Locate the power button of your TV.
  4. Once you find the power button, keep it pressed for 30 seconds.
  5. After you have held the power button down for 30 seconds, let go of the power button and wait for 1 minute for the power settings of your TV to reset.
  6. After 1 minute, re-plug your TV into your power source.
  7. Power on your TV.


This should do the trick. If you try this method and still do not get a response from your Vizio TV, you can apply this other method.

  1. Remove the battery of the remote control for your TV.
  2. Hold down the power button on the remote control for 30 seconds.
  3. Once you have waited for 30 seconds, replace the batteries with new ones.
  4. Try turning on the TV

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Under certain conditions, you may have activated some TV functions unknowingly. If you discover that the black screen of death happens to your Vizio TV quite often, you need to check your sleep timer to ensure it is not activated.

IF you turn on the Sleep timer, your screen would often automatically go off. Meaning that your Vizio TV would always experience a black screen because of the sleep mode at a particular time of the day,



Using a smart TV might require you to take smart actions. However, do not be smarter than an expert. If you have tried all the procedures above and still can not get your Vizio TV to work, it is time to call in experts. They are trained to handle these kinds of issues. It is better to pay a little fee to get your TV fixed than to pay substantial money to get it replaced.

People who give you Ideas and suggestions can only guide you to the limits of their experiences. But experts are trained to diagnose the TV and isolate the specific issues that caused your Black Screen of death. It is important to note that the black screen of death is not only peculiar to Vizio. This should put your mind at rest.

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