Download and Install Eco Bank Mobile App for Easy Transactions

It is important we make it known to you all that Ecobank MobileMoney allows you to do all your money and mobile Banking Transactions in one place on your phone. You can now stay anywhere in your house and carry out your respective transactions.

Eco Bank Mobile App
Eco Bank Mobile App

On this page, we will be sharing with you all detailed information regarding how you can simply download and install Eco Bank Mobile App for easy transactions. All you need to do now is simply read down this article in other to get it done and dusted.

Transactions That Can be done on Ecobank Mobile App

Below are the simple transactions you can carry out when you make use of Eco bank mobile app.

  • You can Make account deposits
  • Do account-based payments/Transactions.
  • See mini account statements
  • Send money transfers
  • Buy travel tickets
  • Pay regular bills and tolls, e.g. LLC
  • Make balance inquiries

How To Activate Your App

  1. First of all, download the app and click on New User to register
  2. After you must have registered, you’ll receive an SMS with a one-time 6 digit PIN
  3. Now you will Log-in to the app with the 6-digit PIN
  4. Make sure you change the PIN to a new 6-digit PIN of your choice
  5. Please be rest assured that you will fill your bank account on the app.

How to download your new mobile app

  1. Navigate the app store on your mobile device (Nokia App store, Google Play,
  2. Blackberry App World and Apple App Store)
  3. Search for Ecobank Mobile App to download and Install
  4. Once the is been installed, exit the app store
  5. To make use of the app, click on the Ecobank Mobile icon on your mobile phone
  6. Now to verify your mobile device, dial *326# with the phone number you opened the account with.
  7. Now Log-in to the app and start banking

Interesting Key Features Of Ecobank MobileMoney

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Send money to friends and family for them to redeem at our agents
  • Pay for bills, goods, and services
  • Check your account
  • Agents and small businesses can make collections electronically
  • Receive money
  • Purchase airtime

How To Register For Free with country codes

1. You will have to Dial  *326# on your mobile device.

2. Now enter your option number.

Important Note: This service is only open to all customers using Glo, Airtel, and Etisalat Mobile Network Subscribers.

Econ Bank Contact Info: You can reach out to them via  08003262265 (0800 ECOBANK) or  Engcontactcentre@ecobank.com.

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