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How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service owned by Facebook Inc. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, alongside Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. The founders initially wanted Facebook membership limited to Harvard students. With time, membership was expanded to Ivy League universities, MIT, and higher education institutions around Boston, USA. Next, some other universities, and lastly high school students.

However, since 2006 anyone who claims to be 13 years old or above is eligible to become a registered user of Facebook. The Facebook service can be accessed from virtually any device connected to the Internet. Either through its official website or its mobile apps available across multiple devices and platforms. Sometime in 2017, Facebook introduced its “Stories” feature.

This new feature called ‘your story’ allows you to share media content like pictures, videos and GIFs etc. The feature was adopted from Snapchat and was added for friends to share pictures and videos of their ‘real-time’ daily activities. If a friend shares a story it appears on the top of your news feed.

When you share a story, it equally appears on your friend’s news feed. Some Facebook users have considered this feature very annoying and feel the need to disable it. If you’re tired of accidentally hitting the icons on the top of your screen when trying to check notifications or something else, there’s a piece of Good news – you can now Disable Facebook Stories Feed on both Android, iPhone, and iOS devices. Although Facebook’s default app does not include support for disabling stories on the newsfeed, it can be done using different third party apps – depending on your platform.

Using one of the following third-party apps, you can better manage your experience on Facebook. Seeing that the main app offers limited controls. For iPhone and iPad users, storied can be disabled using the “Friendly for Facebook” app. While on Android, it can be done using the “swipe for Facebook” app. Both apps are free and are available on the app store and play store respectively.

How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

To disable “Stories” on Facebook for iOS, you need to download “Friendly for Facebook” on the iOS App Store. This app comes with many handy features like hiding “people you may know”, hiding and highlighting posts by keywords, blocking Facebook ads, modifying app colors, etc.

Disable Facebook Stories Feed

  • After downloading, Open the app
  • Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the main page.
  • Select “Filters”

  • Enable the toggle next to “Hide Stories” to prevent Stories from appearing.

After doing this, you won’t be seeing stories on your newsfeed anymore.


How to Disable Facebook Stories Feed on Android Devices

To disable Facebook “Stories” on your android device, you’ll need to download “Swipe for Facebook” From Google’s Play store.

  • If you have installed the app;

  • Open Swipe and select the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings.”

Disable Facebook Stories Feed

  • Enable the toggle next to “Hide Facebook Stories” to remove Stories from your feed.


Note: These are third-party apps and are not owned by us or Facebook. However, you’ll gain several other features by installing a third-party Facebook client. Both of these apps use far fewer resources than the bulky, official Facebook app, and they both offer many other options.

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