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Coffee Meets Bagel – how it works, how to change number, How to location, and more

Coffee meets bagel is an online dating app that is available to both Android and iOS devices. This app has been around for a long while and its initial launch was dated back to April 17th, 2012. It’s founded by Arum Kang, Dawoon Kang, and Soo Kang.

Coffee meets bagel is a great app and before you decide if this is a better dating app option as compared to other dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. There are certain things you need to know about the app before installing it into your device and I’ll be guiding you through all of it to enable start your dating experience with coffee meets bagel as a pro rather than a learner.

Coffee Meets Bagel Interface

On opening the app, you are faced with two major sections used for browsing profiles namely : Suggested & Discover.

Suggested Bagels

Here, you’ll find all the bagels the app’s smart algorithm has selected for the day and it is delivered every day by noon. As earlier stated, rather than swiping, the men profiles receive up to 21 selected bagels for the day, and for each bagel, you are faced with three options only: like pass, or priority like.

Like: to like a bagel means you are interested in the Individual and your response will be sent to that person and if the person likes your profile too, you can now proceed to have conversations.

Pass: to pass a bagel simply means you are not interested in the profile or person displayed before you.

Priority Like: similar to “like”, your response will be sent to the individual but unlike “like”, the app makes your response to get noticed 6x faster but will cost you a total of 540 beans.

The beans concept

The beans concept will be explained later in this guide but for now, let’s forge ahead. Liking a bagel also comes with the option of sending a message and according to research, this step significantly increases your chances of being liked back by 25% and if you are not satisfied by the usual 21 bagels for the day, you can unlock more bagels but it’ll cost you 250 beans.

While using the app, your suggestion doesn’t last forever waiting for you to make a choice, you only have a day to either like, pass, or priority like before new sets of bagels are selected for you. After you must have liked a profile, the app now provides a chat room for the both of you to get to know each other and possibly exchange contacts for a date but mind you, the chat room created only last for a week and if you don’t know what to say to start a conversation with the selected bagel, just go with the icebreakers suggested by the app.

Well, if you don’t like the 7 days ultimatum to get to know your bagel, you can still extend it for an additional 30 days but this option will also cost you beans.

Beans: This is the app’s currencies that you can use for purchases within the app. Coffee beans can be bought in bulk within the app and can also be freely earned by using the platform regularly, sharing on other social media, and completing tasks.

Discover Bagels

Here, you can browse through profiles that meet the criteria you specify in your search filters. These advanced filters are similar to your main bagel preferences with extras. With the advanced filter, you can also filter for the type of degree they have and also whether they have been active on the app within the last 72 hours.

In as much as coffee meets bagel is a really cool app, you shouldn’t be too particular about your filters, only include the major things, to enable you to get results otherwise your searches may return empty. Empty searches are possible because the app isn’t as popular as its counterparts and a typical example would be Tinder.

Asides from searching for bagels, the discover sections also show you the profiles of people who liked you. You can either tap the orange button to like back or you can go ahead and start a conversation by tapping the conversation icon.

Here’s the catch with liking bagels in the discover section, ordinarily it shouldn’t cost you to like bagels (in the case of Suggested Bagels) but in the discover section, it is considered as a “Take” and it cost about 385 beans each time you perform a take although the scenario is different for premium users as they can “take” up to 8 bagels a day before they are now being charged per bagel.

There is also a section for checking all the bagels that have recently liked you but this is also only still available to premium users.

Coffee Meets Bagel Skipping the Line Feature

This is another feature like the priority that helps a user to get noticed faster by bagels. Users can skip the line or queue by sending flowers. This feature helps users to get noticed and matched 3 times faster.

How Coffee Meets Bagel Works

The app coffee meets bagel, is different from other dating apps. This is true because, with this app, you’ll no need to keep scrolling till you can find a match. If you have been using dating apps, you’ll agree with me that this can be a daunting task especially if you are the picky type, but all that has been solved with coffee meets bagel as the app uses a smart algorithm to select a limited number of your very best potential matches each day. Once you and your bagel (a fun way that the app uses to refer to your match) have liked each other, you can now start a conversation with your bagel. Interestingly, the apps relatively make chatting easy, as they can also provide you with personalized icebreakers to keep the ball rolling.

Coffee Meets Bagel Premium Membership Cost and Features

Coffee meets bagel app is essentially free for all but if you want to enjoy added features within the app it’ll cost you $120 for 6 months, $75 for 3 months, or $35 for a month, and sometimes you may be offered the option of trying premium membership for free for 1 week.

The features of premium membership vary with the platform on which the app was downloaded, for instance, Android premium membership includes:

  • Activity report of members.
  • The message read receipts and
  • 6,000 free beans.

While iOS users on premium membership are entitled to the following features:

  • Additional 8 “Takes” in discover before you are being charged per day.
  • Activity report of members.
  • The message read receipts.
  • Additional 15% more beans when you restock your beans.

Activity Report:

It is a collection of data about a specific user which usually helps in determining whether the person is worth the stress. This feature is only available to premium users. Activity Report includes the following in the data presented:

  • Chats with Bagels: this is represented in figures and it is calculated by dividing the number of chats sent by the total number of connections.
  • Sends First Message: this is also represented in figures and it is calculated by dividing the number of times they have sent the first message by the total number of connections.
  • Activity Within 72 hours: this tells you if the users have been frequent on the app for the past 72 hours.
  • Usually Replies Within: this tells you the user’s average response time to messages in the chat.

Finally, the data presented by the Activity Report is not rigid as it changes every 72 hours.

Creating A Coffee Meets Bagel Profile

After downloading the app on your device (either Android or iOS device), the next step to take is creating a user profile or your profile account. Only two sign-up methods are available presently, you can either sign up with Facebook or using your mobile number. Signing in with Facebook makes creating your coffee meets bagel profile relatively easy as this method of signing in automatically sets up your name, age, and photos from your Facebook profile otherwise you’ll have to fill in your details manually.

How to Change Your Number on Coffee Meets Bagel

Did you register into the app using your mobile number and you no longer have access to the number you registered with or for some reason best known to you, you want to change your number? If your answer is yes, then it’ll interest you to note that changing your number on the app isn’t as easy as it looks, because the app doesn’t provide a medium to change your number within the app and the only way out is usually to message their support team (

Personally, when I tried this method out, it took about a day before I received a response from their support teams on the steps to take to successfully change my number.

How to Change Your Location on Coffee Meets Bagel

The coffee meets bagel location is very important, because it is one of the major factors the app’s algorithm use in selecting bagels for you, therefore your location should be accurate at all times. To do this, kindly follow the set of instructions provided below:

Android Users

  • Open the coffee meets bagel app.
  • Tap on your Profile icon.
  • Tap on the Pencil icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Switch to the Details tab found at the top.
  • Tap on the Current City box and input the new location.
  • Tap on Continue once you are done.

iOS Users

  • Open the coffee meets bagel app.
  • Tap on your Profile icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on View and edit profile.
  • Tap on Edit found at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Switch to the Details tab at the top.
  • Tap on the Location Box and input the new information.
  • Tap on Done once you have completed the task.

Please note that changing your location does not occur instantaneously as the app observes a queue. So, changing your location will take effect after a couple of days if you still have some bagels in your queue.

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